The Missing Pan

hihi! :) i’ve been wanting to blog about The Missing Pan for really long. this is so overdue! but i’ve really gotta get down to it because IT’S AWESOME. one of the newest places for brunch (i think it’s only a few months old), it serves up quite a comprehensive plethora that leaves you spoilt for choice. in fact, we had a huge dilemma trying to decide what to order when we were here. their dishes aren’t just the typical brunch items you find in most other cafes. you can see that they’ve put in effort to make it just that bit more special :)
i really wanted to stay away from eggs benedict. i’ve been eating it too much. and i really tried my best. but….
62 Degree Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon ($22)

who could resist this?????? 
i succumbed :P WHOOPS. and no regrets at all haha. check out my instagram for the drama unfolding over that perfectly flowy yolk. ahh ^^ it’s making my stomach growl at this strange hour. 
Zhen ordered the Rosemary Rosti Stack ($16) which came with lots of bacon (maple-glazed if i rmb correctly! ^^), two huge sunny side up eggs, tomato and grilled zucchini salad. i apologise because this was awhile ago so (again) i can’t really remember how the food tastes. but it was YUMS :D
we thoroughly enjoyed the Pulled Pork Burger ($19). though i believe most recommendations would tell you to try the steak burger (which we didn’t), i consider this a worthy contender! :) we loved every bit of it, from the pulled pork that was marinated in a lovely sauce, gooey cheese and that bun! one thing i’ve gotta mention is that The Missing Pan comes in two “parts” – the bakery and the brasserie. brunch is served at the brasserie which is upstairs, and they use artisanal breads from the bakery downstairs. so good :’) the dining space is really small though! so reservations are highly recommended.
mummy’s French Toast Salpicon ($19) was one huge fascinating, and confusing dish. haha. a humongous slab of bread (the BIGGEST i’ve even seen!!) topped with banana nuggets (so delicious – like goreng pisang!), mixed berries and strawberry-smoked syrup. lift up the bread and voila! we found that the interior of the bread had actually been removed, and replaced with chicken, spinach and mushroom. like i said – fascinating, but confusing for the tastebuds with the blend of sweet and savoury flavours. it was pretty nice, but i would still have preferred the whole thing to be sweet. the thought of all that fluffy bread inside wasted….sigh. it was still delicious though :) 
oh yes, and just a warning, their portions here are pretty massive btw. hahaha. take their chicken schnitzel is probably bigger than the size of my face #notkidding. we were stuffed by the end of our meal! plus…we were greedy and decided to order MILKSHAKES. overkill ttm. hahahaa.
but these were SO GOOD. i would totally order them again xD 
YOU HAVE GOT TO ORDER THE NUTELLA MILKSHAKE ($9). it was a orgasmically good!!!!! it practically feels like you’re eating nutella out of the tub. icy cold and soooo luscious. absolutely sinful, but #yolo okay. it is totally worth your calories. the chocolate milkshake ($9) was good too! but if you have to choose one, NUTELLA FTW.
i’ve added this to my list of favourite brunch places!! :) it is too awesome. i love every single thing about it. 
The Missing Pan
619D Bukit Timah Road
Tel.: +65 6466 4377
Tue-Sun 9am-10pm

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