VanityTrove Get, Snap, Blingo!

i was so excited when VanityTrove invited me for their Get, Snap, Blingo party at Zouk! with a host of beauty and food booths, it sounded like just the kind of thing for me ;) really glad that jiayee could come along with me for the event too! 
we were greeted by a gorgeous dessert table set up by cremeberry, and i loved those salted caramel brownies that they had!! i’m just drooling right now thinking of them. 
we got beauty makeovers at the Benefit (makeup), Salon Vim (hair) and Pink Parlour (nails) booths. 
and emicakes was there as well with their very interesting desserts! :) gosh, i had nothing but desserts and wine that night (FAT MAXXX)
happy us! ^^^
met Sam at the event as well! (: so pretty as usual, especially after getting some gorgeous curls by Salon Vim! 
anddddd we carted home a huge bag of samples as well! SOOOO HAPPY ^^ lots of really good samples and i can’t wait to try them out! especially the one from SkinInc. i’ve always wanted to try their products, but they’re soooo expensive! :'( i think they actually gave us a full bottle of their serum! too awesome ^^
donned my 21st birthday dress from F21 to attempt to fit the theme of ‘Modern Hippie Chic’ haha (: 
and finally! this month’s VanityTrove ^^ i decided to get a reallyyyy pampering one filled with nothing but masks! hehe.

i really loved the SexyLook Pure Ocean Pearl Whitening Mask and SexyLook Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydrating Mask! probably because i love masks that are super duper moist, and these fit the bill! (: i also enjoyed the LoveMore Platinum Eye Whitening Patch and you can take a look at my review for it here.


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