Wheeler’s Yard

our long awaited date after two whole weeks finally arrived! (: gosh, school has been taking such a toll on our lives (or at least Sam’s life. haha this sem was pretty much the best deal i could ever get in my four years in uni ^^) and guess what! it’s the last week of school. i’m graduating soon!!! :O omgosh. it’s still too surreal to believe >.< and i'm not really looking forward to it very much i have to say. and gosh, i still cannot believe i agreed to go to NEPAL. what the heck was i thinking??!!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?? it’s not just out of my comfort zone. it is not even in my zone at all :( sigh. please let me survive this.
so happy to be on a date ^^ decided to check out Wheeler’s Yard – and it turned out to be quite an experience! :) i was initially skeptical because i read about how the food wasn’t that great, but the ambience definitely made up for it! it had a really cool industrial-chic vibe, which Sam loved. just check out all those vintage bicycles at the back! and the cafe was located in a really ulu location in balestier, in a warehouse! thank goodness Sam drove that day.
the interior was surprisingly spacious – there was this massive communal table right in the middle of the cafe, with lots of seats scattered around it and if you want to ogle at the bikes while having your meal, you can take your pick from the seats outside. the whole place screamed RETRO! with the mish-mash of vintage furniture, and exuded a ruggedness that was unexpectedly comforting. 
the food, as established, was nothing fantastic. but at least they don’t have service charge/GST which make up for the lack of splendour. i kinda felt that my beef pie ($8.90) was more value-for-money than the Big Breakfast ($16.90) since the latter was nothing special. it was decent, no doubt, with all the de rigeur big breakfast items. but they just seemed to be placed on a plate together without much effort, much like the chapalang feel of the whole cafe – which works well for the ambience, but not so for the food. the beef pie too, was alright, but not great. it was tasty! but seemed pretty much like any frozen pie that was heated up, and it wasn’t very crispy. plus points for providing tortilla chips though ;) hehe. 
the good thing about this place is that because of its rather inaccessible location, it seems pretty quiet, making it great for hanging out as a couple. i would say, come here for the experience, but manage your expectations with regard to the food.
Wheeler’s Yard
28 Lorong Ampas
Tel.: +65 6254 9128
Mon, Wed-Sat 11am-8pm
Sun 9am-8pm

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