Almost there

it’s crazy, how fast time flies. there is only about a couple of weeks left to the end of school, and about a month till the end of my final semester in SMU. :O where has all the time gone! the four years in university, all the memories that i’ve had along the way :’) really really glad for the important friendships i’ve formed in these four years. so many unexpected things! in a good way of course (: celebrated ngan’s birthday recently with our two best groups of friends in SMU <3 the ones who've made my university life so much more colourful and memorable.
happy birthday bestie! (: stay pretty (and look like zoe tay) forever ^^ 
celebrated her birthday with the Hopers at Concetto! the new italian restaurant by Saveur. will blog about that in a bit! this is a photo with our ever-growing family :’))) so happy to see everyone like this! <3<3 wish liying & ngan's boyfriends were here tooooo. and huishan is missing from this photo. but so much love for these friends who went through thick and thin together while we were slogging away on OCSP hehh :) 
and my favourite SMU girls! :))) shall not post the one with the guys because i look so unglam there (sigh). we look so colour-coordinated in white/black in this pic!! 
went to watch Non-Stop after that and IT WAS SO EXCITING!!!!! i was totally gonna jump out of my seat any moment during the movie haha! really felt like i was on the plane :O and the sound effects O.M.G. gosh but i think if i was in a situation like that i would die of fear even before the plane crashes x.x so scary when such things happen >.< 
and we went for the Senior Dis-ornetation event together too! <3 haha what a funny name right :P and it was a SUPER EPIC day as well, which i'm so tempted to post a really swoon-worthy photo teehee, but it is too embarrassing. hehe ^^ so it shall remain exclusive to us ;) and we’re going for grad night together!!!! wheeeeeee i’m so excited! haha it’s gonna be like prom all over again, but with such awesome company ^^ i can’t wait!! hopefully we’ll be lucky enough (haha *cross fingers and toes*) to win that hotel stay at MBS. my happy place <3 
so many memories for us in SMU i’ll never forget :’) thanks for the wonderful 21 months so far and counting! :)) haha so funny, that day during Ngan’s birthday with the superheroes, Nic asked all the girls whether it’s still worth it to have a boyfriend when it heightens all our emotions – both happy and sad. the answer? yes yes yes yes YES. i love you darling, to the moon and back and till the stars stop shining :) thank you for always loving me the way you do, with your amazing patience and biggest heart <3

prepared a lil something for my dearies in SMU! (: hope they like it ^^ and big thanks to PixaRoll as well! they sent me this gorgeous set of magnets which are the perfect gift for my superheroes! (: so many memories we’ve had captured in #makingyear4count (credits to Sam for the hashtag ^^) and being able to print them out just makes it even better! plus the fact that Pixaroll does magnets which is pretty innovative – something i’ve never seen so far! and you’re not just limited to instagram photos. PixaRoll allows you to develop normal photos into 4R or 6R prints as well! get it on Android or iPhone and start printing your magnets now ^^

*for a little sweetener, PixaRoll is offering a special discount for my readers – use the coupon code ‘KELW’ when you check out your order for a 15% discount. it’s only valid till 31/3/2014 so get yours soon if you want to (: 


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