d’Good Cafe

finally, finally i had the opportunity to visit d’Good Cafe!! ^^ i’d been wanting to come here since last year, and it was always a potential study cafe for me because it is pretty easy to get here from where i stay and there is free wifi! but there was always some other place to go (zzz) and so we never came here – till now! and i’ve gotta say that it’s not a very fantastic study location after all (haha) because it’s so popular. BUT there is a good reason why it’s so popular!! i’ll definitely want to come back again for the good food, pretty cosy ambience and free wifi of course! (: i didn’t take a picture of the swing, but it’s soooo cute. permanently occupied, naturally. we were there on a weekday afternoon and almost all the tables were occupied all the time! the good thing is that they have quite a lot of seating space (hidden all over the place :p)
okay, enough blabbering – here’s the food! ^^
two of the items i had at this cafe are MUST-TRIES, and this is one of them! :) i really didn’t expect much from the chicken tikka masala ($12.50) but it turned out to be really awesome!! :D it was deliciously creamy with a tinge of butter, without being overly rich. in fact, it was super addictive and i mopped up every bit of the sauce eagerly. the jasmine rice that came with it was fluffy and subtly fragrant, and was the perfect complement to the curry.
sam ordered the eggs benedict ($13.50) and it was pretty standard i guess. the egg yolk didn’t flow as nicely as he wanted it too, so it wasn’t that fantastic. 
but hey, we were sure satisfied with our dessert!!!!! ***drumrolls***
the Maple Sea Salt Cheesecake ($9, if i remember correctly) was SO SO SO good!!! Sam was absolutely blown away, and it was pretty amazing to see ;) it had a wonderful combination of maple syrup, with just a smidgen of sea salt to balance out the sweetness. luscious, but not cloyingly so, and the texture was just right – it was pretty light, but totally satisfying. such a perfectly balanced cheesecake! (: and plus i had the most epic experience trying to get hold of this cheesecake. you can check out my instagram for the full story if you’re interested. haha.
i can’t wait to come back to try their chilli crab pie and different types of pastas! everything here just sounds SO GOOD. and how about another cheesecake? ;) yep, i would definitely love to have one.
d’Good Cafe
273 Holland Avenue #02-01
Tel.: +65 6219 9807
Sun-Thu 10am-10pm
Fri-Sat 10am-11pm

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