A day of pampering [Part II]

hiya! (: for those who saw my previous post on my pampering day (nails ^^), this is the other part of it! haha i really need to add a disclaimer that i DO NOT do such things all the time. it was just one day. 
anyway, so i headed to _kimrobinson early that morning to get a haircut and touch-up of my roots. if you haven’t seen my previous post on it, i was kindly invited to their salon to do a complete hair makeover, where they gave me the most gorgeous curls and colour! i miss my curls already!! but the hair-dye loosened the curls quite a bit, so i had real trouble maintaining it >.< fast-forward a few months, and this was how my hair looked.
so this time when i went back for a haircut, my hairstylist Carmen suggested refreshing my look by giving me a shorter style! I’m always very apprehensive about getting my hair cut short because my hair tends to stick out all over the place!! it’s just unruly that way. but Carmen assured me that the trend now is to have hair just ever-so-slightly messy. anyway, i guess it’s time for me to start embracing my natural waves!
 this is how it looked after the cut :))) 
my head feels so much lighter now!!! haha not kidding. i really chopped off quite a bit this time, and the feeling is really quite liberating ^^ though i don’t know if i’ll ever dare to go even shorter than this >.< but i love how this style looks so youthful, and i really appreciate how Carmen always gives me very easy-to-maintain styles! no need for hours spent trying to curl my ends in – apparently that's not how the look is meant to be. i didn't change my colour this time (just did a touch-up) since i didn't want a really drastic change just yet. but it was really thoughtful of Brian to help dye my eyebrows as well! haha it's a really subtle difference so you can't reallyyyy tell, but it's just a tad softer, and matches my hair colour now. 
photo with my pretty stylist, Carmen! so happy!! :) and i keep touching my hair now because it’s so super soft after the glossing treatment that Brian did for me. the effects have lasted till now! I’m so in love with that treatment ^^

the *two special promotions* which i mentioned previously are still available, so check them out if you’d like a hair-raising pampering experience ;)

 1. $629 for a cleanse, cut and finish + Dijo Perm with Carmen and Brian (T&Cs apply)
2. $288 for a cleanse, cut and finish + Wholehead highlights with Carmen and Brian (T&Cs apply)

– must be first time visitor to kimrobinson and is valid for one time usage only
– Service is only valid with Carmen and Brian
– valid everyday except Fridays, Saturdays & Eve of public holidays and from 17th Jan 2014 – 31st Jan 2014
– not exchangeable for cash, credit or in-kind
– not valid with other promotions, discounts and vouchers
– by appointment only, please quote “thelittlemomentsofmylife”
– please present identification card upon arrival
– The management of  kimrobinson reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice
– Promotion is valid till 31st May 2014

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