The Brunch Edition

hi everyone! (: so you’ve probably noticed that i’m a hugeee fan of brunch, and why not! singapore’s full of these places popping up ALL the time and sunday mornings are simply perfect for this in-between meal that allows for late risers to get some good grub ;) since i’ve been doing so many posts on brunch since i started blogging (58 and counting!!), i decided to compile a list of my favourites and i hope it’s useful for you! i will try to keep it updated, so do check back! (p.s. sorry for some of them i think the pictures got deleted :( i hope the food descriptions help anyway!)
For a chill brunch by the river
With a generous serving of its big breakfast set, this will satisfy anyone’s hungry tummy.
For a unique Middle Eastern brunch
As far as I know, you can only find a fully middle-eastern brunch at two places in Singapore, and Artichoke is one of them. Plus they have awesome desserts! What’s not to love? 
Delicious-sounding menu and hearty brunch dishes. And a collaboration with Harry Grover, the barista of Forty Hands to boot. 

For simple, but well-executed fare
With little choice on the menu, this place looked set to disappoint. But I was wrong. Here, I discovered simplicity in perfection. (psst, and they have pay-as-you-wish cupcakes too!)
For the best hot chocolate 
Not just their hot chocolate, most of the food on the menu was great as well! 
For the most extensive menu
Okay, i cheated. Their interesting menu is actually the lunch menu, but it’s served during brunch too! So many things to order, and the desserts are wonderful too!
For an alfresco brunch in the park
Enjoy the fresh morning breeze amongst lush greenery with this brunch place set in Bishan Park!
For the prettiest cakes
Don’t tell me you aren’t tempted! Love the Victorian-ambience as well.

Huge slices of moist cakes, oh-so-divineeee.
For some dim-sum!
One of the best places for dim sum in Singapore ;)
Old is gold. There’s a reason why this place has been around forever.
For some cosy couple time

The Book Cafe
Littered with shelves of books and an entire sofa area, this is the perfect place for you to cuddle with your other half or a group of friends and immerse yourself in a sanctuary of stories.

No reason, just one of my favourites

The Missing Pan
For artisan breads and modern cuisine with a spark of imagination.

For an out-of-singapore experience (: 

Two words: Truffle Fries.
For some cosy time in the Serangoon Gardens enclave!

for not-so-typical brunch dishes. and their lunch/dinner menu looks great too!

If you’re looking for any other brunch places, you can check them out here. I’m always on the lookout for new places for brunch, so if you have any suggestions, please do share them with me! (: 


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