The Loft Cafe

this is a beautifully cosy cafe tucked along a row of shophouses at Chinatown. claimed to have ‘The Best WiFi in Chinatown’, i’ve got no idea whether that’s true (haha) but it’s really a perfect place for studying and dates (: recently been checking out these cafes with sofas (the Book Cafe is another one!) and i really love how they’re perfect for chilling ~ 
we were lucky to have the chance to speak to the owner of the cafe (that’s what happens when you’re the only customers around) and he told us that he just took over this place from the previous owner and they had just revamped the menu! well, good news for us because the food looked much better than when i came by last time ;) Sam was super impressed with The Loft Breakfast ($17.50), though i’ve gotta add a disclaimer that he tends to be biased when he already has a good impression of the place beforehand ;) hehe. but i agree that it was pretty good! with everything you’d expect for a full breakfast plate – mushrooms, roasted tomato, bacon, sausage, ham, your choice of eggs, toast and a salad – this was a really comprehensive dish!
one thing that impressed me at The Loft Cafe was its portions! i ordered a very normal-sounding chicken avocado salad ($13.50) and it was huge!! plus it came with a delicious japanese sauce (i think, can’t really remember) that was soooo good! huge pieces of chicken meat and really LOTS of salad. i was actually quite full from eating this! 
their strawberry and fresh cream waffles ($9.80) were surprisingly good as well! i really didn’t expect much from this place, but i was impressed by the crispy, fluffy waffles that were tasty and topped with quite a lot of strawberries.
i would come back again for the quiet ambience, and also to try more items on the menu which will hopefully continue to impress me! ;)
The Loft Cafe
268A South Bridge Road
Tel.: +65 6221 2103
Tues-Sat 9am-10pm
Sun 9am-9pm
Closed on Monday

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