hello hello! (: today i’d like to present my love-hate relationship LBD: 
i actually featured this piece in another post a couple of weeks back, but the focus was on the bag then haha. 
so anyway, back to my love-hate relationship: why do i say that? love it because it’s such a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down really easily with accessories etc, and it’s BLACK! which means it goes with virtually everything. but….downside is that it’s pretty body-hugging :( although i’ve got to say that this is one of the most flattering body-hugging dresses already, it does still mean that i can only wear it on my ‘feel slim’ days -.- i.e. when my tummy is not too fat -.- haha. #wardrobewoes. i don’t know why i like to buy these kind of clothes anyway, when i only can wear it conditionally haha. ah well. i still like it anyway ^^ and it was so cheap from H&M (i think it was $17 if i rmb correctly??) that i actually bought it in two colours lol :P whoops! and the other was a va-va-voom REDDDD. hahaha.
just two ways i decided to style this dress (:
Dress: H&M //
Shawl: old //
Soft blazer: Forever21 //

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