The Book Cafe

this is one hidden find which has been around for the longest time, and i’m sharing this secret with you all now. gosh, this is the perfect place for dates! haha i was kinda torn about whether to write this post or not :P but good things should be shared to double the joy :)) yes, i’m trying very hard this year to stick to my new year resolution. always really bad at following through with them, yikes! but this year’s one is pretty meaningful to me, and i’d like to do a good job of fulfilling it (: 
what i love about this place is how cosy it is. i didn’t take a picture of the ambience, but you can see the sofas in the background. there is a whole section of the cafe dedicated to the sofa area, and it’s really perfect for weekday afternoons with the boy when we have the luxury to just chill ~ well, this was before the school semester started haha. 
we ordered a pot of the Honey Yuzu tea ($8) and it was really interesting! can’t resist anything with yuzu in it ;) it’s a green tea, with citrusy notes from the sweet-tart yuzu. somehow the combination made it taste somewhat like chai tea to me. but i liked how it was very light on the palate and quite refreshing.
if you’re choosing from the brunch menu (they have all-day breakfast!), the eggs Blackstone ($16.95) is a MUST. doesn’t it look soooo good?! in sam’s words, “the egg was perfectly poached”! and it flowed out beautifully when broken. the maple-bacon was absolutely divine as well! i’m really not a fan of bacon, but i couldn’t help but like the sweet flavour of this one. 
unfortunately that wasn’t my dish, and i was a tad disappointed with mine :( as you can see, it looks much less outstanding than the other one. though it wasn’t bad really. but it was just a lil sad. i ordered the smoked turkey, avocado and egg white sandwich ($14.95). it was quite a let down to find out that the “smoked turkey breast” was actually ham -.- i had no clue! i guess the fact that it was smoked might have warned me but still….. -.- i just have a phobia of cold cuts after eating them for 5months in italy (they barely had any real meat!!!) together, the sandwich was still pretty yummy though. plus points for the ciabatta which was perfectly toasted and had a lovely crusty flavour.
probably i would try the other dishes the next time i’m back. and yes i would come back, even if only for the cosy sofa area (: 
The Book Cafe 
20 Martin Road
Tel.: +65 6887 5430
Sun-Thu 8.30am-10.30pm
Fri & Sat 8.30am-12.30am

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