(first) Vday in Singapore (:

hello! (: finally midterms are over!! for now at least. still have one coming up next week yikes >.< which i haven't studied for at all. but just taking a breather now before having to chiong during the break week. sometimes i wonder why i still feel so busy despite only having three mods!! WHY??!! okay i've got to admit that i am significantly freer in terms of schoolwork as compared to other semesters, but maybe it's also because i'm trying to do other things outside of school, which do take up time as well. yknow, even watching shows is in my plan :p haha i am FINALLY almost reaching the end of the 1st season of Suits since starting on it like three months ago. whuuuut. ikr :( i’m just hopeless at it. but i really love the show btw!! hehh okay so i have the tendency to waffle around the main point when i’m writing my blog posts :P oops! (*sigh* reminds me of how i completely neglected to write a conclusion for my coy law paper yesterday. KILL ME. going to do so badly for that paper >.<)
***WARNING: rambling post with lots of pictures ahead***
anyway because of all my midterms, that explains this very belated Vday post. this year was the first time we were spending Valentine’s Day in Singapore :) last year’s was in Italy, and boy, that was quite a different experience :P loved this year’s Valentines Day :’) not because of all the activities we did that day (and honestly, i always feel Valentine’s Day is probably the most un-special day for any couple because everybody is celebrating it on that day), but because of the quality time we spent together :)) haven’t had the luxury of time to just enjoy each other’s company for the longest time! although it was really just right before the midterm week, but i guess the fact that we made the effort to put our school work aside and just go out without our laptops was really a huge step! (: 
hello Sentosa!!! 
it was super sunny that day, but I’m so glad that we were going somewhere sheltered instead hehe.
we went to the SEA Aquarium!!!!! :D so happy that i finally visited this place, and great that there were no queues! although it was still pretty crowded inside with tonnes of tourists. 
managed to get student price ($28)! (Y) 
pretty difficult to get a decent photo of us because the lighting was so blueee. but lots of love anyway xx
i was WOW-ed by this magnificent sight when i stepped into this area :)) this photo doesn’t do justice to how blue the water was, and how colourful all the corals and fishes are! i’m not a big fan of fish (whether as animals or food haha) but this sight really amazed me :) the colours were so vibrant and alive! 
and i never knew WHY everyone who came to the SEA Aquarium had to take photos of the jellyfish!! haha but finally understood when i was there :P they’re really cute!! and the colours were fascinating. though i know it’s really because of the light that shines into the water, but it’s still pretty darn amazing and beautiful. 
hee, Sam still remembered what the guy from Italy told him ;) about how they always give chocolate and flowers to girls on valentine’s day ^^ (i told sam to skip the vday flowers because they’re just ridiculously expensive!!!!! he pampers me with flowers all the time on the other 364 days of the year anyway :) <3). got a mini bottle of Merlot as well (love these tiny bottles! they're so adorable and handy), and we just sat in front of this huge aquarium talking, laughing and…spamming instagram with photos hahaha. felt like we hadn't talked like that in ages! or at least, i did :P (i was completely exhausted from talking by the end of that day haha). when i'm on a roll, i can go on talking forever, and the boy just listened, and hugged me and laughed with me :) and of course he talked as well haha, but it's really sweet how he's becoming a much better listener :*) 
after that, we headed for a really late dinner at L’entrecôte! they were super crowded on Valentine’s Day and i think it was pretty obvious that their staff weren’t used to such a huge volume of customers.  we reached at 8.30pm and i think by the time our main dish arrived, it was already past 9pm. but the staff were still very attentive when we called for service, and they gave all the ladies a gorgeous rose, which was really nice of them! :) 
so L’entrecôte is famous for the one-and-only (literally) main course, which is their Plat du Jour Entrecôte Steak ($29.90, classic portion).
thank goodness for the walnut steak that was served first, because we were ravenous at 8.30pm. this was a very light salad with yummy toasted walnuts on top! my only gripe is that there was no sauce at all! so it was rather bland/bitter. it helped tide over our hunger just a bit though.
till our main dish came! :D :D yummmmmm. it smelled so good. the portion of the steak was just right (especially with all the fries) and was slathered with L’entrecôte’s “legendary sauce” which was really tasty! i can’t really pinpoint what was in it (some secret ingredient haha) but it tasted like a combination of brown sauce/mushroom/mustard. savoury and slightly tangy, which went perfectly with the slab of meat. the fries were delicious too!! i probably looked really unglamorous but i was shovelling them into my mouth because i was so hungry. the fries were really crisp and VERY tasty. and for those who really love it so much, you’ll be happy to know that it’s free-flow! after one round of fries we couldn’t eat anymore already though. haha.
we also ordered the half-baked chocolate cake ($14) which was pretty yummy! (: it was fluffy and delicate, and went perfectly with the vanilla ice-cream. *i’ve gotta add a disclaimer that my opinion is now biased because of the molten chocolate cake i ate the very next day at morganfields (which i will definitely blog about because it was SUPER GOOD). the one at l’entrecôte was not too shabby, but not the best either! 
Suntec City #B1-128/129
Tel.: +65 6690 7569
Daily 11.30am-9.30pm
thanks baby, for the wonderful valentine’s day together :) i love you!! 

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