Post-VDAY! (:

hihi! i’m gonna be doing a proper vday post really soon, but before that! just wanna share a couple of other things about this year’s Vday! 
#ootd! :) 
my whole outfit (except for my thomas sabo bracelet) was from overseas hehe. starting to take out more of my bkk goods to wear! :) absolutely loving this pretty midi skirt that i got from there! quite unbelievable right!! the quality is really good and it was super affordable. big thanks to ngan who convinced me to buy it because there was a discount if we purchased two ;) haha (Y) 
i’m actually quite apprehensive about wearing midi skirts because I’m always worried that it’ll end at an awkward length that makes my legs look short/calves look big. ughh. but this skirt was really too pretty to resist!!! looks kinda like a ballet skirt ^^ which is why it appealed to me. hehe. and i think this is a really sweet, classy style that is perfect for a date. (i even thought of how to update this look for the night, but had no time to go home to change haha).
Top: BKK //
Skirt: BKK //
Shoes: BKK //
Bag: Korea //
Bracelet: Thomas Sabo
and i came home to this on the night of Valentine’s Day! ;) the VanityTrove Cosmopolitan Valentine’s 2014 Playset. haha wish i received this the day before so that i could use the stuff inside, but of course, they’re not ONLY for Valentine’s Day ;) i’ve tried out the Sasatinnie Black Pearl Nourishing Black Mask and Eye Mask and i love how moisturising they are! really effective for that quick pre-date night booster for your skin! 
i’ve never heard of the brand Blumarine for perfumes before, but it was a really pleasant surprise to receive the Innmorata Lovely Rose EDT because it smelled really lovely!! check out my review for it here. i believe this set is still on sale, and really, it’s great for every day use and not just for valentine’s day, so do grab it before it runs out of stock!! ^^ 
also, VanityTrove will be having a party and they’re giving out 3 PAIRS OF EXCLUSIVE INVITES to this event!!
Get, Snap, Bingo! Project Launch Party will be held on 5 March, and here’s how you can win an invite to this party! 
1. Simply snap and share 3 photos of the eye-popping candy colours in your get-up on (you can also share photos of your arm/neck/eye #CANDY)
2. Hashtag #CANDY #GSB
*The contest ends 27 Feb and winners will be notified by email on 28 Feb! 

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