Table Manners

firstly, i’ve gotta say that this is one inaccessible place to get to. it’s literally all the way at one end of Singapore and i didn’t even know that Changi Business Park had a mall there! O.o haha sorry, sua ku but i really don’t travel all the way to this part of Singapore alright. but the point here is Table Manners is worth the travelling. i absolutely LOVED every single thing we ordered, and there were so many items on the menu that we totally over-ordered for the four of us, and even ordered dessert and drinks on top of everything :p 
we started off with some bar snacks:
i’d heard so much about the mushroom fritters ($8) and we absolutely HAD to order them. and they were so delicious!!!! a very light batter on the outside that was not too oily housed lovely succulent mushrooms that stimulated our tastebuds with their pungency. 
the ebiko mussels ($9) were an absolute delight as well, with surprisingly quite a lot of flesh and generously slathered with the ebiko and some sort of dressing that had a lovely umami flavour.
while i felt the truffle chicken bites ($10) were of pretty good quality – Table Manners does its batters well, keeping it very crisp and light without being too oily, and the interior retains its natural juices, which is great! plus the truffle flavour was quite pronounced, which was a huge plus point – i did think they were still a pretty ordinary dish. perhaps it was because i was already quite full when i started on these though, so my judgement might be slightly impaired :p 
i was so disappointed when i heard that the Truffle Capellini was not available that day because it sounded divine!! but our other mains didn’t disappoint ;)
the King’s Burger ($20) is made for a monster with its scrumptious ingredients – bacon, onion relish, gherkins, cheddar cheese slices, sliced tomato, lettuce and topped with a sunny side up egg. the combination of all these ingredients produced a smorgasbord of flavours that went perfectly with each other. the truffle fries on the side was a a lovely touch and were pretty good! 
the TM Ribs ($36 for full rack) were reallyyyyy good! absolutely tender – the kind that falls off the bone when you poke it with the fork – and came with a side dish of potato wedges. i still prefer fries > wedges though!!
we also got the Norwegian Baked Salmon ($22) which was a baked just right, with a lightly crisp exterior and fluffy interior, and this sat atop a yummy mash jazzed up by a garlic miso mayo and tasty mushroom ragout! 
it’s amazing how EVERY single dish at Table Manners was good, and what’s better, their drinks are great too! part of the group that owns Bar Stories as well, which is known for their specialty bespoke cocktails, you can be assured of the quality of the drinks you can find at Table Manners too. you can choose from a list of sweet, spicy, bitter and sour cocktails, and there are even “gentlemen” drinks as well! 
my passionfruit martini was a winner with its tangy flavours and was wonderfully refreshing! loved how there was a slice of fruit in it as well ^^
the Ginger Lemongrass martini was exactly how mummy liked it – spicy. haha yikes >.< this is really an acquired taste i guess! imagine drinking ginger juice laced with alcohol. and a hint of tom yam (haha because of the lemongrass). this is exactly how this drink tasted.
the most visually-exciting drink we ordered was the rosemary cooler! it literally came with the herbs all sticking out, like a herb pot! lol!!! super interesting, and it was quite fascinating how the flavours of the rosemary were infused into the drink.
for those who wanna skip the alcohol, i highly recommend the Calamansi Rose mocktail ($9)!! i really liked how there were really fragrant, lightly sweet notes from the rose, and this was complemented the sourness from the calamansi.
during happy hour (8pm), all cocktails are priced at $13 and bar snacks are $6/7! super good deal!! 
we ended on a high note with the sea salt chocolate caramel tart ($7.50). it was small, but boy, it was GOOD. luscious smooth chocolate with hints of caramel and a tinge of salt that prevented it from being cloyingly sweet. 
such a satisfying meal that was totally worth the calories!!!! i would come back much more often, if only it wasn’t so far away!
Table Manners
5 Changi Business Park Central 1
Changi City Point – The Oasis #01-68/69
Tel.: +65 6604 7669
Daily 11.30am-12midnight 

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