Cups N Canvas

sometime last year i blogged about my 21st birthday party and how my gorgeous dessert table was created by the lovely people from Super Desserts Market. since then, they have stopped that business (unfortunately >.<) but have gone on to bigger things like having a cafe! (: and one year later, i've finally tried out Cups N Canvas ^^ i didn't try the desserts though, which was a terrible pity since i loved their so much! but it's a really lovely cafe to chill-out in, and is located conveniently near school :) 
i would say that their menu honestly isn’t fantastic in any way. their breakfast is limited to two simple dishes – of which Sam chose the eggs ben-addict ($14.90), which consisted of the usual suspects. poached egg perched atop honey baked ham and a burger toast. the burger toast was a real disappointment because it simply didn’t seem to go well with the poached eggs at all (one of which didn’t have a runny yolk) and was a tad tough. 
i’d say their saving grace would be their lunch sets though! for every pasta/main purchased, you get a drink free! and that’s what really enticed me. i was fascinated to see a sweet potato latte (usual price $4.80) on the menu and i ordered it in a heartbeat. it was really unique and interesting! (: it’s basically a milky sweet potato blended drink, and i loved how there were little bits of sweet potato in it. wish there was a spoon to scoop up all the goodness!
this came with my choice of pasta – the Red Hot Chick ($15.90), which i guess was a fancy name for an arrabiata pasta? chicken, garlic, chill, cherry tomatoes tossed with linguine. i liked how there was a generous portion of chicken and cherry tomatoes, but other than that i found it pretty normal. if not for the drink, i wouldn’t think it was worth the price. 
overall, food wasn’t impressive but i would come back for the desserts (+drinks?) and ambience. it was a lovely cosy hideout, that was pretty quiet save for the lunch crowd. with wifi, it’s perfect for an afternoon of studying, and there were even sofas for us to chill on. great for a date! (: also, the reason why it’s called Cups N Canvas is because there is a whole section of the cafe dedicated to art! whether it’s classes for beginners, or just for artists to dabble with some paints, you’ve got it covered at this place. it was really interesting to watch, and though i’m no artist (sadly, no creativity at all), i enjoyed watching the painting sessions of other patrons (: 
happy with my sweet potato latte! xx 
Cups N Canvas
139 Selegie Road 
Tel.: +65 6884 6855
Tue-Thu 10.30am-10pm
Fri & Sat 10.30am-11pm
Sun 10am-8pm
Closed on Monday

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