When we’re young, wild and free

hello! (: 
haha ever since Sam got his new iPhone i’ve been benefiting from the nice camera ;) i’ve got to say its awesome to say the least ;) a supposed ootd shot turned into a mini ‘photoshoot’ when we discovered the wonders of his phone camera, and the lighting + ambience was simply perfect that day! :) must give credits to my sister because this outfit is entirely hers hahah :P except for the shoes which are mine.
we went on an artsy date that day ;) to the national museum! haha must make use of our free entry as students right?! as Sam said, we’re really lucky that our school is surrounded by so many museums! (and mrt stations and shopping malls hahaha) perks of having a campus in town, but it’s such as waste that we spend so much time holed up in the Li Ka Shing library instead. #whee -.- haha. so that day we decided to check out the 50 years of TV (or something like that) exhibition, which was pretty nostalgic i must say! haha. 
LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this photo of us!!!! <3<3<3 the lighting in the museum was so awesome ^^
and a special feature of my backpack from InfinitePixie which was my Christmas gift from darling! (:  i’m so loving it! i’ve not carried a backpack since what, secondary school? haha true story. ngan said she’s never seen me carry a backpack till now. so must have been a looong time ago. i love how it’s so pretty and matches with all my outfits easily! and it’s just the right size for me to fit all my stuff and makes sure that i can’t over-stuff it haha.
Top: sister’s //
Skirt: sister’s //
Shoes: Primark //
Bracelet: Thomas Sabo //

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