One of my favourite VanityTroves!

hi! (: i’m so happy to be blogging about my favourite VanityTrove box i’ve received so far ^^ every month it’s such an excitement picking through the list of items recommended for me on the VanityTrove shopping page, and i think it’s just so awesome to be able to try out these samples before i decide on purchasing the full-sized version. and it’s a huge sense of satisfaction when i discover new products that i love using ^^
this month’s VanityTrove came with a really pretty baby-blue wrapping! super sweet – i love it!
^^^always excited to open my box^^^
(pardon the kinda out-of-bed face)
first favourite product of the lot was the Shu Uemura Whitefficient clear brightening gentle cleansing oil. i’d been wanting to try Shu Uemura’s cleansing oils since forever since i was introduced to cleansing oils during my facial at My Cozy Room. and i was really impressed when i tried out this product for myself! :) the application is quite different from a normal cleanser (i used it wrongly at first :P then i googled to find out how to use it). 
pour 4-5 drops of the oil onto clean, dry palms. rub your palms together to warm the oil slightly, then apply onto dry face. massage the oil gently into the skin for a couple of minutes, then wet your palms and rub it over your face to emulsify the oil (it should turn white and slightly creamy). massage for a couple of minutes again, then rinse with water. 
i really looooved the texture of the oil on my skin, and how my skin felt perfectly cleansed after that, yet soft and moisturised. this cleansing oil technology is touted to be one of the most effective ways of removing the dirt and excess oil from your skin, without stripping off naturally-occuring oils and moisture. it felt so good and i am kinda tempted to buy the full-sized version. apparently it removes make-up as well! so there is no need for double-cleansing. i didn’t try this out though.
i’m one of those lazy girls who doesn’t really like putting on sunblock on my face (even though i know it’s one of the most important skincare steps) because i loathe the feeling of it on my face! :( i’ve  never really been able to find a sunblock that doesn’t leave my face sticky/oily/smelling strange after i’ve applied it. TILL NOW. i absolutely loved the Stiefel Spectraban Sensitive sunblock (SPF 30) that came in my VanityTrove! i think i’ve finally found a sunscreen that i like using every day ^^ it’s incredible! – the consistency of this sunscreen is really smooth and light, and it absorbs really quickly into my skin to give a lovely finish which is not oily/greasy/shiny at all! :) it also has absolutely no smell at all (unlike those products that are scent-free and end up smelling like strange chemicals). i really like it!!! (: now i’ve just gotta find out where to buy it in Singapore… O.o
 i’ve gotta say that i was really impressed with the results when i tried out Shu Uemura’s POREraser Under Base Mousse
i didn’t expect much from using it, but it did a really good job of concealing my pores!! :O this photo is just with the base on and nothing else! and you can barely see the pores on my nose. this is truly a gem :’)
this was a rather interesting product! i felt that that it wasn’t really nice to use, because the texture was not very spreadable which made the application tough, but, i quite liked the effects of it! you just need to apply a layer of this mask onto your face (i believe it’s a clay mask), leave it on for 5min and rub it off to exfoliate the skin and rinse with water. my skin felt smoother and looked a little brighter/clearer after i cleaned off the mask and the effects lasted till the next morning :) 


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