Department of Caffeine

i’m such a sucker for brunch ^^ waking up naturally as a sliver of sunlight peeks through my curtains, without the jarring bells of my alarm clock; lazing in bed for a few minutes or more, till i decide it’s time to tumble out of bed; plodding to the bathroom to wash up, and then comes my favourite activity – FOOD. yummers :D i can never resist good food, and brunch is such the perfect meal to wake up to.
now where do i even start? browsing through D.O.C.’s foodie pics on facebook months ago already got my mouth watering. i was so excited to try out this place, and it sure lived up to my excitement!

at DOC, try their waffles. savoury or sweet, it’s up to you! but they’re so so good, you absolutely cannot miss out on them. mummy prefers savoury, so we got the sundried tomato and herb waffles ($17). the waffle itself was so darn good, i could have eaten it just on its own! super fluffy on the inside, while crisp on the outside, it delivered a subtle savoury flavour of the sundried tomato which was so delicious. the slightly runny scrambled eggs (just the way i like it!), with maple glazed bacon was the icing on the cake to top it all off just perfectly! there was barely a need for the maple bacon jam, but we couldn’t refuse more goodness ;)

while i’m not a huge fan of shepherd’s pie ($16), i have to say that i quite enjoyed DOC’s version of it! with the unique flavour of chili con carne, this was definitely something i preferred over the typical peppery versions of the dish. it was given a lively boost with spiced butter, sour cream and lime, topped with mashed garlic and chive russet potatoes. really yummy, and i would recommend this dish, which has possibly changed my opinion about shepherd’s pie ;)

for fans of french toast, you wouldn’t be disappointed by DOC’s rendition ($16), which was two thick slices of artisanal brioche, which were wonderfully fluffy and had just the right amount of denseness, stuffed with maple syrup bananas which made it extra moist! add a dollop of smooth vanilla yogurt, a generous portion of crisp toasted almonds and some blueberries, and you have this simple dish-turned-spectacular.

being the greedy one, i called for the B.O.E. ($20), which stands for ‘bit of everything’. what an apt name for this dish with yummy variety. i have to concede that my heart sank slightly when i saw the portion though :( it looked pretty small. but the quantity was just right in the end, which is a good thing. two herb & parmesan english muffins: on one side, a gorgeously wobbly onsen egg was perched in a nest of premium spanish serrano cured ham – the satisfaction from bursting the yolk and watching it drizzle over my muffin was indescribable -, on the other, a dill dressed smoked salmon with citrus dressing helped to balance out the savory ham with its refreshing tangy notes.

the goodies at the counter were too pretty to resist, and we gave in to a honey & lavender teacake ($5) which tempted with its flowery perfume. the teacake was infused with a light honey flavour, while the thick icing on top lent a stronger lavender essence. a great combination in my opinion!

i can’t wait to come back for DOC’s lunch because it looks really good too! and perhaps the sweet waffle. and….yup everything else on the menu looks good too. (i mean it!)

Department of Caffeine
15 Duxton Road
Tel.: +65 6223 3426
Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri 10.30am-7.30pm
Sat-Sun 9.30am-7.30pm
Closed on Wednesday


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