RED-dy for school

^^^ using sam’s words for the title (because i’m nowhere as skilled in wordplay) ^^^

decided to don a Singapore flag-esque attire for the first day of school (not mine, since i don’t have class on monday hehe). i contemplated really long about whether i should go out in this colour combination since i really didn’t want to walk around looking like our national flag (even though i’m very much a patriotic citizen hehe) but i thought the colours just went so well together! 
despite the fact that this colour style was kinda iffy for me, i really liked this combination, especially with my new beige leather jacket! i’ve been wanting to buy a leather jacket for quite some time, but i never got around to doing so because they’re pretty pricey. well i saw a tonne of them at the leather market in Florence while i was on exchange but they all seemed to be priced in the range of €70, which i suppose is pretty justified. but i resisted. (poor student here). and i finally snagged this piece at a bargain of $25 at the Her Velvet Vase spring sale! :)))) and i’m soooo in love with it. gotta admit that it’s not really suitable for Singapore’s weather (it’s too hot), and neither will it be sufficient for winter. but it’s simply perfect for the weather in perhaps hong kong, or taiwan (!!! this jacket is so coming along with me for grad trip). i did decide to bring it out that day in Singapore though, since the January weather was so wonderfully cooling. in fact i felt pretty cold that day! but once i put the jacket on….hmm. haha. i still love it anyway ;)
Top: From UK //
Jeans: Sister’s //
Jacket: Her Velvet Vase //
Shoes: old //
Bag: From Taiwan (present)

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