Chikuwa Tei

behold! thick slabs of sashimi that are so deliciously fresh and supple ^^^ yummmms. haha now doesn’t this look drool-worthy? :P hee.
i’ve been hearing lots about chikuwa tei’s sashimi, and i just could’t wait to try it!! and it definitely didn’t disappoint ;) (btw sorry for the bad photo quality for this set of photos :( i didn’t bring my camera so had to rely on my phone >.<).
chikuwa tei has quite a number of value-for-money bento sets, making decadent dishes like this good for a (more than) occasional treat ;) it’s not cheap, but this chirashi sushi ($25) is definitely worth your buck. and it’s already the most pricey on the list of available sets. think (okay you don’t need to imagine since i’ve already got this charming visual representation here :P), a generous portion of 1cm thick pieces of assorted sashimi (tuna, salmon, swordfish), with a (big) handful of bouncy, juicy roe atop a bed of rice. sounds amazing doesn’t it? this portion of sashimi is definitely sufficient to satisfy any sashimi cravings!!! i was simply mind-blown and was happily chomping on my food throughout the whole meal ;) it was really tasty, and even though i still feel that Aoki’s version is unbeatable, this is a more affordable alternative that comes a close second :)
we even ordered more sashimi on top of that! the moriwase ($36) is meant for two people, but i really think it’s enough for four! haha. there are already 16 huge slabs of sashimi on this plate!!!! how awesome is that?! :D and there is salmon belly ~~~ the best of the best ^^ one thing i realised though, is that their sashimi seems to be a little chewier (hard to bite through) than normal. not sure why that is the case, but it didn’t really diminish our experience ;)
zhen ordered the beef teriyaki set ($18) that was fried so fragrantly, the aroma spread across the entire table the moment they served it. talk about working up an appetite ;) and this flavour was infused into every slice of beef, which was also very tender in texture! 
the Ten Cha Soba ($12) was such a wonderfully healthy dish!! i’ve fallen head over heels in love with soba since i was on exchange. it’s so easy to cook, and i love the green tea essence infused in the green noodles! :))) well the fact that it came with tempura kinda negates the “healthy” factor :p but it’s yummy anyway. i felt kinda cheated that the pile of soba looked so huge, but there was actually a block of ice underneath it though -.- haha but i guess that was necessary to keep it cold, plus give the dish its appearance :p
and the Sukiyaki Teishoku ($22)! (: a piping hot, rich broth with beef, vegetables and tofu inside! i always love sukiyaki for its savoury-sweet taste :)
we actually also ordered the Salmon Teriyaki set ($15), which was cooked delightfully as well! but my phone camera decided to die on me as well that day, so… :/ hehe anyway, love their food here, and now you know where to go for sashimi indulgence! :D 
Chikuwa Tei
9 Mohamed Sultan Road
Tel.: +65 6738 9395
Daily 11.30am-3pm

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