Bangkok in the first week of school! [Part 2]

hello! as promised, this is part II of my bangkok trip! (:
after Platinum Mall (see previous post), we headed to the Siam area! 

Siam Centre was really nice for all its cafes and food places. I FOUND MR JONES ORPHANAGE!!!! ^^ SO HAPPY! i’ve seen so many pictures of it on instagram (thanks to ladyironchef lol) and i’d been wanting to go there since f.o.r.e.v.e.r. and i’m so glad it lived up to expectations :’)
so gorgeous!!!!!!
and omg, doesn’t this look simply orgasmic? :O :O :O sooooooo goooooood. luckily there was ngan to restrain me. i was half-tempted to choose a few cakes because they all looked so good! >.< hahaha. we decided to order one first, and another one if we were still hungry. and that was after lunch :p well, luckily we only ordered one. because it was SO DELICIOUSLY RICH that we couldn't have another slice after that haha. and this only cost 100 baht if i rmb correctly! (: more affordable than in singapore, and absolutely worth every cent :) 
we had lunch at Som Tam Nua, which serves all kinds of salads! or papaya salads. well we ordered three salads to share (haha so healthy right) – papaya salad, mango salad and vermicelli salad. all of them were scrumptious!! but oh gosh. they were so spicy hot!!!! i think my chilli tolerance is pretty good already (ngan’s tolerance is like, zero? haha) but i found these wayyy too spicy! we actually asked for less chilli already! (idk whether they heard the opposite, because the staff’s english was really bad), but it was insanely spicy. it’s the kind that tastes alright in the first mouth, but just gets hotter and HOTTER as time goes by! :O even my eyes felt like they were on fire haha, not to mention my tongue and stomach. luckily they were nice enough to change it for us when we couldn’t stand it anymore. and they actually gave us brand new servings! wow. oh and try their thai iced tea too! (: it looked really different from what we’d expected, but it was definitely necessary considering the spicy level haha. 
we didn’t really shop in Siam Centre, because it was all the shops like h&m etc, which we didn’t go to bkk for. but!! we discovered a really interesting place there ;) guess where this is!
the toilet. 
the most atas-looking toilet in the whole of bangkok hahaha (i don’t know. but it’s definitely a strong contender). we took AGES to find the toilet, because the staff just kept pointing downwards, and we were on the third floor and wondering WHY THERE WAS NO TOILET?! finally found it after really going down down down all the way, and realised it was at B1. and oh boy, it was HUGE. walked in to this touch-up area for people to rest and re-apply their makeup. there were curtained changing rooms along the corridor, and (of course) the toilets. it was amazing! very impressive, i’ve gotta say. 
we then headed to Siam Square for more shopping. it was pretty hot in the outdoor areas there! but then we found an air-conditioned area after that which was more conducive for shopping (: bought quite a few pairs of shoes there! ^^ wheeeee. 
have to say that our afternoon-evening shopping experience was much more disappointing compared to the morning one though! 
i’m really sad that we didn’t go back to the Siam Night Market! :( we actually saw it on the first night! but it was SOOOO CROWDED (it’s practically impossible to stop and shop. i’ve got no idea how people do it) that we didn’t stop, because we were just recce-ing. second night we decided to go home early, and third night we were broke haha. i actually saw a lot of nice tops there which i wanted to buy though :( sigh.
also didn’t manage to go to Siam Paragon, because After You cafe was closed for renovation!!!! :”( unbelievable!!!!! i was so sad because i was totally craving it after hearing so much about it. anyway, that’s a great reason to come back haha.
the next morning, we got up bright and early to go to Chatuchak! it’s a weekend market, so you’ll miss it if you’re not here during that time. this was a bit more troublesome to get to because we had to take the train (rather than walk), but their public transport system is really quite convenient (: we took the BTS Sky Train to Mo Chit station. it’s impossible to miss because EVERYONE would be heading there haha. no kidding. oh yes! a tip that i got from reading other blogs is that you should bring a huge bag along to put all your shopping! so that you don’t have to carry around a bunch of small plastic bags there, where it’s so crowded, chaotic and hot. 
there, you have it. crowded, chaotic and hot xP personally, i didn’t like chatuchak much. it was really unbearably hot!!! Thailand’s hot weather was really OMG… and another tip i got is that you should go to chatuchak in the morning/evening because it’s really crazy hot at midday. trust me. i was there at 10am and it was scorching already. and bring lots of water!!!! 
the good thing is that you’ve got a lifesaver from the heat, in the form of this coconut ice cream :)))) looking at it makes me drool already. it was so so so yummy!!!! i never really expected it to taste THAT good. i’d heard a lot about it, and i was really trying to keep my expectations down. how could something that looked so simple be that good? seemed too good to be true. but IT’S TRUE!!!! the next time i’m gonna eat one whole thing on my own haha. this, in my opinion, is the ONLY thing worth going to chatuchak for. haha. i didn’t buy anything there at all because it was just too confusing already -.-
there are lots of street food there, and i wished we could have known that our stomachs could take it (didn’t dare to risk it >.<) so that we could try all the food! saw so many people eating, and it all looked darn good! we tried this coconut thingy that sam recommended though! haha we thought it was a little strange :p because it was coconut that was sorta sweet & salty? haha dunno :p anyway, that's pretty much all we did at chatuchak – eat! 
and then came my favourite part!!!! :) our last stop of all. and where we accumulated this much of stuff in 7 hours of shopping hehe. TOO SHIOK. Union Mall was awesome!!! there aren’t many recommendations of this place because it seems much less touristy. but thanks sk for telling about this gem of a place!! the moment we stepped into the mall, we were floored. a super duper long row of shops extending from one end of the mall to another. multiply this by 4 parallel rows, and 6 floors (i’m estimating, but it’s really a lot!!!!) and we were in shopping heaven! loved how Union Mall was arranged in a grid, which made it really easy to shop. each level sold a group of merchandise, e.g. clothes or shoes, which also helped in allowing us to compare prices across shops. have to concede that goods are more pricey here (like i said, we shopped from the cheapest to most ex haha), but it wasn’t too bad! still managed to find really affordable clothes. and the staff don’t speak as much english here (also in the restaurants!), but for some shops, they allow you to try the clothes which is super useful. 
we found that Tienchai Thai Cuisine (i think it was on level 4 or 5. it was called a ‘food hall’ level or something like that) served really good and cheap food (i think our lunch cost us 50 baht each?!) and we had both our lunch and dinner there ^^ i recommend the green curry fried rice, green curry and pad thai! 
and we finally settled for our mango sticky rice at this place just across TienChai called Crazy for Mango. actually…i wouldn’t recommend you to go there. we probably paid for the presentation rather than the mango sticky rice itself because the portion was quite small, and didn’t quite taste like what this dish should taste :/ i’m so sad we couldn’t find Mango Tango!!!! does anyone know where it is??? we went to so many places to search for it but couldn’t find it :'( i think the airport mango sticky rice which i da-baoed back to singapore (yippee!!) tasted better than this one haha. 
so this is the end of my bangkok adventure (amidst the “protests” which we never encountered. phew!). hope it was useful/interesting! and i would definitely come back again for more shopping/eating/massage *hehe*

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