Yoshimaru Ramen Bar

this was a really surprise find that i thoroughly enjoyed!! was searching for a place to have ramen, and i came across this place which was recommended on some other blog. lo and behold, i realize it had been on my foodie radar list for quite some time but i completely forgot about it. anyway, super glad to have visited it, because it can be considered one of my favourite ramen places now! for some quirky flavours (which i absolutely love) and for its really affordable pricing (: i preferred this way more than the hokkaido ramen at santouka (though that was good too!) and it’s so much cheaper!

the key is always in the details, and we had so much fun with this little bowls of sesame seeds which we were given to grind as we waited for our ramen to arrive. this is a really small shop tucked away in a corner of the holland village enclave, and i don’t think reservations are allowed, so do take note of that!

i was at a dilemma between choosing the mini burgers and going for their ramen. ended up kinda forcing sam to share both with me :p so that we could get the best of both worlds!! and that was really the perfect combination. we had everyone salivating over the burgers ;) there are three flavours of burgers: spicy cha shu, teriyaki chicken ($2.80 each) and the mentaiko ebi mayo ($3.80). i ordered the combi of all three flavours which cost $8.80. and all of them were soooo good! first up was the ebi burger which came with a light crisp-battered ebi tempura encased in pillowy mini patties. i liked how all the burgers came with a generous serving of fresh lettuce within them, which deftly drew out the flavours of the other ingredients by cleansing our palate. the spicy cha shu was tender and yielded easily as it released its innate juices with a bite. the teriyaki chicken was delicious as well! 
shared the original karamiso tonkotsu ramen ($12) with Sam. this was a flavourful medly which hit all the right notes with its punchy broth, soft cha shu and delish flavoured egg! i always love the egg! 
if i could choose though, i’d go for the spicy version of the above (also $12). this delivered a beautifully hearty essence with the underlying spiciness, which livened up the entire bowl of ramen. not too spicy, just perfect.
Yoshimaru Ramen Bar specializes in Hakata ramen, and so we definitely had to order it! the Traditional Hakata Ramen ($11) was a simple, heartwarming dish with all the necessities (: it didn’t make much of an impression with me though, because (*points below*)
saving the best for the last…the Karaka Men ($13) aka the spicy yuzu ramen!!! *squeals!* give me anything with yuzu and i’ll fall for it ^^ LOVED THIS. i was really amazed at how the tangy notes of the yuzu went so harmoniously in this savoury dish. who knew that such a combination worked? the zesty flavour kept me addicted right from the start, and i couldn’t help but reach for more spoonfuls of soup even though the bowl didn’t belong to me. whoops! :P but it was REALLY awesome. i will definitely come back for this, and order a whole bowl for myself. yumms!  

Yoshimaru Ramen Bar
31 Lorong Liput, Holland Village
Tel.: +65 6463 3132
Mon-Fri 11am-3pm, 6pm-11pm
Sat, Sun & PH 11am-11pm 


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