Peperoni Pizzeria

three words: 21-inch pizza. :O:O:O this has to be the most gigantic pizza i’ve ever seen and eaten, and it is a.m.a.z.i.n.g. i’ve seen so many pictures of this pizza and i’ve been wanting to try it since forever. (i say that pretty often huh?). and i believe this is probably one of the best and most value-for-money pizzas for a bunch of friends. this ginormous delight cost $50nett (no GST & service charge here!), and it feeds 4-6 pax, which means each person pays max $12.50 for this? super worth it. and it was so good!
hehe look how awesomely huge it was!!! :O for a pizza of this size, we were allowed to pick two flavours from the menu, and even then, it wasn’t an easy choice! there were many that sounded very interesting, and i have to say that this restaurant does stay quite true to the italian pizza roots. the flavours are mostly cold cuts, but it’s thankfully still better than italy with flavours that include real salmon (rather than smoked) and the singaporean classic favourite: Hawaiian. we didn’t go for the hawaiian this time though! (: a unanimous choice was the Pancetta, which was simply alluring with the gorgeous sunny-side up egg in the picture. our massive pizza came with not just one, but TWO wobbly sunny side up yolks and i pounced on one of them with excitement :p the other flavour we chose was Salmone, which came with a pretty generous portion of salmon cubes and capers (again, a reminder of italy ^^). while we loved the Pancetta flavour, it was admittedly a tad too salty due to the cured bacon. i was glad for the tomatoes that helped to balance it out a little, but it was still too much for me. i preferred the half with the salmon which had a comparatively pared down salt-content, but was no less tasty. the thin crust totally appealed to me, and i found myself picking the pieces along the sides for their satisfying crunch. the fact that it was a thin crust pizza also helped us in devouring the pizza pretty easily amongst the five (or six) of us. this was certainly an experience and i definitely wouldn’t mind coming back to try out more flavours!
Peperoni Pizzeria
Suntec City B1-130
Tel.: +65 6884 7737
Daily 11.30am-9.30pm (Closed on certain PH, call to check)

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