Two is better than One

hello! (: ^^^really similar photos up there^^^ but i just wanted to show the two different ways i styled this top! (: a very versatile tube top which i’ve owned for a really long time, but it’s usually relegated to the back of my wardrobe and i only just discovered it again recently :p i really like how the ruffles jazz up this simple top, and the cutting is just perfect such that is enhances my figure in the right places!ย 
for a casual day look (say…going out for brunch? ^^ that’s what i wore it for!) i paired it with a leopard print scarf that i bought in Spain and i feel that it adds a much more interesting spin to this ensemble! who says singapore’s weather isn’t suitable for scarves? ;) since i bought a whole lot of scarves in Europe, i’ve been trying to find opportunities to fit them into my outfits, and i really love how they’re thinner than cardigans and easier to carry around! wore a pair of sandals to complement the whole relaxed weekend-vibe.
for the second look, i threw on a structured blazer with those gorgeous angular shoulder pads that smartened up my outfit instantly! i don’t really like shoulder pads that much, because my shoulders are pretty broad already anyway, but i feel that these “pointy” ones really add a touch of polish to any look. added on some light, silver accessories and a pair of heels, and this can bring you to the office, or even a dinner appointment!ย 
Top: Forever21 (old) //
Pants: Sister’s //
Scarf: Lefties (in Spain)
Blazer: Bugis

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