Habitat Coffee & Little Pancakes

hi there! (: it’s been a long time since i did a post on food along upper thomson road. a foodie like me has got to be happiest when living in a food haven, and i’m glad to be such a lucky one! went exploring the cafes in this area one day, and these two have been around for the longest time except that i took such a long time to get down to trying them out! 
with such an adorable name,  Little Pancakes described exactly what its whole concept is about perfectly. do not belittle the size of these pancakes! with a diameter slightly smaller than that of a tennis ball, these pancakes might look puny. but when you have 10 of them to devour, it is sufficiently satisfying ;)
when i looked through the menu, i knew what i wanted to order immediately. though it was a little difficult to choose because i was interested in more than one of them, but let’s not be greedy shall we? ;) after finishing my portion, i was full enough that i couldn’t afford another portion. haha. out of the three pancakes we ordered, i enjoyed my Going Nutella for You ($8.20) the most! chocolate ice cream with a stack of wafer chips, drizzled with a delicious chocolate nutella sauce and topped with almonds and chocolate chips. absolutely divine!
there was an interesting category of Asian-inspired flavours and we got the Mr Bean Turns Red ($8.50) which came with green tea ice cream and delicious azuki beans. i love azuki beans!! this set came without maple syrup, because the azuki plus ice cream was a formidably sweet combination by itself. though i felt that they didn’t pair with the pancakes as well as my nutella combination above. perhaps i’m not used to this Asian-Western pairing.
i was a tad disappointed with the savouries selection because there were only three to choose from! and naturally we ordered the Big Fan of All Day Breakfast ($10.90) because it sounded the best out of the three. i would say thumbs up for the portion because there was quite a generous bit of everything – scrambled eggs, glazed sausages, potato and a side salad. this is for the greedy ones who love both their full breakfasts, plus pancakes! 
and having talked so much, i realised i said nothing about the pancakes themselves so far! well, they were decently tasty but honestly nothing to shout about. and that was the general feel that i got from this cafe! it’s not somewhere that i’d keep coming back to, but it is great for a novel experience (and they do have quite a range of sweet flavours to choose from which is a plus)!
Little Pancakes
200 Upper Thomson Road #01-04
Thomson Imperial Court
Tel.: +65 6258 8515
Mon, Wed-Fri 1pm-11pm
Sat 11am-11pm
Sun 11am-9pm
the next day saw us going to Habitat Coffee and i’ve been hearing a lot about this place for the longest time! and i’m not sure why i hadn’t come here since it opened, when it’s so convenient! have to warn you that the parking along this row of eateries is quite a nightmare though, so just be prepared! the menu here is simple, but they do their dishes pretty well ;) The Shrooms ($12) is a twist on the traditional eggs benny – poached eggs atop a bed of sauteed mushrooms! the funghi lends an aromatic perfume to that livens up this dish.

the Waffle Sunrise ($10) came with a choice of poached, scrambled or sunny side up and super crisp waffles! it was nice how the waffles were perfectly crunchy on the outside, yet had quite a fluffy interior!

Mama’s Banana Pancakes ($10) were good!! it was interesting how these pancakes were firm, yet fluffy, and look at that generous amount of toppings! it was impossible to resist. 

and how could i have missed out this gem of truffle fries ($8) located so near my house! :O a super legit portion with pretty good quality to boot! while not the best, it is definitely one of the more truffle-y ones around. now i know where to get my truffle fries fix when im craving it ;)

Habitat Coffee
223 Upper Thomson Road
Tue-Fri 11am-10.30pm
Sat & Sun 10.30am-10.30pm


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