The Peppy Affair

big love for my superheroes!!!! :’))) this is my last semester in SMU, and i’m so glad to have this precious bunch of people around! <3 our third new year party together!! (hehe so happy we've started this tradition ^^ must keep up even when we're working & old! haha) every year it just gets more fun ;)
had a potluck this year and it turned out to be such a SUMPTUOUS FEAST!!! to think we were worried there wouldn’t be enough food. we didn’t even manage to finish everything in the end, but it was soooo good! ^^ had such a fun time planning for grad trip together (ABSOLUTELY CAN’T WAIT :D) and catching up with everyone now that we’re all back in sg (: welcome back thad!!! 
had our damn #epicfail “secret” santa game :P which was super fun anyway!! and my secret santee (who came up with that name?! hahaha) was none other than my dearest bestie! haha! hope she liked the presents i got for her ^^ 
and my secret santa was jiayee! ^^ thanks for the MASKS! haha i just realised that both presents she gave me were masks! lol – one for the face and the other for hair ^^ gonna be soooo pampered :)
plus presents from all over the world!!!! so much love :’) africa, australia, china, france and thailand! we are so international hehe ;) such a happy day! 
aaaaand then it was camwhoring time! LOVE LOVE LOVE the colours! we all dressed according to the theme of pink/purple cos this is the pantone colour of the year! okay, actually it’s radiant orchid, but we’re close! ^^ and the colour theme was totally my favourite colours, yippee! ^^ does that mean it’ll be a lucky year for me? haha. hope so, i need a lot of luck this year!! we took so many photos i had such a difficult time trying to pick one! but here’s Sam/SK/Rach’s signature pose photo (whatever it means? haha) (Y) 
all the girls!
and the boys! 
(dunno what they’re doing :p *awkward pose* hahaha)
my big love! <3<3<3 (: 
and omg ^^ i’ve always wanted to take a photo like this! super duper happy evening for me (: 
P.S. thanks sk for the photos!! (: haha sorry i keep koping your photos cos your camera is too nice already :P 

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