Tonkotsu King

i’ve been wanting to try this place since forever!! i can hardly believe i waited so long for it. but the queue is just a huge turnoff. and though i thoroughly enjoyed my ramen here, i’d say i probably won’t do this again anytime soon. tonkotsu king definitely has one of the best ramen broths ever though!!!!! :) i love how it is so rich and full-bodied.

i ordered the original tonkotsu ramen, but there are also the red (chili) and black (pepper) spicy versions. i can’t judge the black version as i don’t like pepper, but i loved the punch from the chili in the red one! the noodles are springy, kinda al dente style, and you can opt for the flavoured egg with the flowy yolk inside! i found it really fun to be able to choose from the various options from the thickness of the soup broth, to the ingredients, the noodle texture, etc. you can customize it just the way you like! :) the only let down was probably the cha shu which was not very tasty, and not tender. sad for me, because melt-in-the-mouth cha shu is a key ingredient i look out for.

if you aren’t picky about wanting only the flavoured eggs, you then have a free-flow of eggs to satisfy! they also have a free-flow policy for beansprouts. so awesome :D and this sesame-seed grinding seems to be becoming a trend in ramen places here! :p a great way to entertain yourself before the meal. for this ramen joint though, the plus point is that your food is served almost the moment you take your seat. the queuing is done outside (and it’s really stuffy in my opinion. not a pleasure at all), and you give the waitress your order there, so that you are served immediately when you get your seat. 
Tonkotsu King
Orchid Hotel, 1 Tras Street, #01-19
Tel.: +65 6636 0855
Daily 11.30am-3pm

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