Nam Nam Noodle Bar

hi!! (: okay this is kinda lame, because i only tried one dish in this restaurant, but i loved it so much i have to write about it anyway!! (: i’ve been wanting to try NamNam for the longest time, since i fell in love with vietnamese food after trying it in vietnam. but the queue here is always so long! good thing is that we went there before the dinner crowd, and so we managed to get a seat very easily! (: but i really don’t like the layout of this place because it’s super cramped!!! there was literally no space for anything on us except ourselves. ended up putting our bags on the floor :( there is barely enough space to walk! haha weiling was commenting that it’s kinda like the roadside stalls in vietnam lol :P haha quite.
but the food more than made up for it!!! (: both of us went for the pho beef steak slices ($8.90), and it was soooo good!! of course not to the standard in vietnam, but it’s definitely one of the best in singapore that i’ve tried! ^^ the soup broth was robust and so tasty! and there was quite a nice portion of beef slices in it. i always love how pho seems so healthy! i can never understand how the vietnamese can make something as bland-tasting as rice noodles taste SO GOOD. i absolutely love it!! 
and also loved all the various condiments on the side that we could add to our food ^^ i added a little bit of fish sauce, which was probably not necessary since the soup was tasty enough and i added so little that i couldn’t taste the fish sauce anyway :p but i super loved the chili that is meant for pho (it’s written on the bottle). it went so perfectly with the whole bowl of goodness :)) a match made in heaven :)
i would love to come back and try the banh mi sometime! it’s like the vietnamese version of subway hehe. looks yummeh!!! 
Nam Nam Noodle Bar
Raffles City #B1-47
Tel.: +65 6336 0500 
Daily 8am-10pm

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