Sweater Weather & Zalora shout-out! (:

i have a love-hate relationship with rain. when i’m huddled in my sheets (even better with the one i love next to me ^^) and a storm is battling outside, i love the blasts of thunder and flashes of lightning, knowing i’m safe and warm as i bury deeper into my sheets. i love the pitter patter of rain droplets outside my window, when i have a warm cuppa next to me and a book in hand. ahh. i’m dreaming. i hardly ever have the time to enjoy the rain this way. sometimes i wish i could just call in sick (for school or work, whatever) on a rainy morning, just so that i can lie in bed and enjoy the nature of it. 
but when it rains in the morning and i have to wake up early for class? gosh, how i loathe that fact. i hate getting wet by the splashes of rain which would either soak my shoes, or get my feet wet if i’m wearing flip flops. and my tiny foldable umbrella just seems pretty useless in the rain most of the time. 
i do dream of a day though, where i can walk in the pouring rain without an umbrella and get completely drenched, having my worries washed away. sounds really therapeutic somehow!
in the meantime (while that isn’t going to happen), the joy i take in going out in wet weather is being able to take out my long-sleeves to wear. i bought a bunch of them while in europe, though i realised the number of opportunities to wear them here are far and few between. i love how comfy they are in cooling weather though! makes me feel all snuggly :D
Top: Primark //
Shorts: Cotton On //
Bangles: New Look //
Necklace: Flea market

anyway, here’s a New Year’s Day shoutout for Zalora! (:

it’s time to welcome 2014 with a bang, and what better way is there to do it other than shopping? ;) like i said, there are 12 days of Christmas, so the festivities aren’t over yet!

what i’m really interested in is actually their CNY collection though! really impressed at how they have the prettiest dresses with festive prints, but are spruced up with a modern cut. EZRA has my vote for the most gorgeous CNY collection (: i can’t decide between getting the tops or the dresses because they both look great in their own way!

besides their CNY collection, i took a peek into EZRA‘s usual collection and i found that i really like quite a number of their pieces! loved their take on the LBD, and these were three dresses in particular that i felt were worth sharing (: super love the sultry one!!!! it would have been perfect for the Glitter & Glam Masquerade tea party i had with my dearest (girl) superheroes ^^ will blog about that really soon! i felt the edgy one was really interesting as well – not my typical style, but i really liked how the outfit was put together! it could have been a sweet dress, but the cut-out at the back gives it a slightly raw feel, and it looked awesome paired with the booties. the casual dress is more my style, easy-to-wear for an everyday look! (: that’s how versatile an LBD is ;)

there are tonnes of things to explore on Zalora’s website – besides clothes, they have bags, shoes, accessories and even beauty products as well! as one of the largest online stores in Singapore amassing brands including River Island, Steve Madden and many others, you will have no lack of fun exploring their site! (:

Website | Facebook


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