i’ve been on a mission to try out the various dining establishments in the neighbourhood where i’m staying in. i count myself lucky that a foodie like me lives in an area which has been blossoming in terms of food options in recent years! yet, the ironic thing is that we tend to overlook what’s in the vicinity, and travel to faraway places (exaggerating :p) in search for food instead. so i tried out Canopy at Bishan Park II previously, and so this time we ventured to Bishan Park I to visit GRUB. i’m still pretty amazed that a bistro in a park in the heartlands can survive, but it seems pretty popular!! the place was filled up within half an hour of its opening. thank goodness i arrived early for brunch ^^
let’s start with my favourite dish out of the lot – the GRUB cheeseburger ($11) had a generously thick minced beef patty, topped with melted Monterey Jack cheese. a classic combination that went together perfectly.
brunch is served till 2pm, and if you’re a fan of truffles, i urge you to try the truffled egg cocotte ($7)! it looks simple, but it was a wonderfully tasty dish! seems very healthy too because i think it’s just egg white!! although it didn’t have much of an aroma, the truffle essence was unmistakable once i spooned it into my mouth :)
i was sorta disappointed with my beef & guiness pie ($12) which didn’t look much like a pie at all :( it was a very flat piece of pastry, that was half soggy due to the fact that it had been soaked in sauce before it was served. the flavours were not too bad. while a friend commented that she found it rather bland, i didn’t mind it so much as i’m pretty used to less-salty food. i just felt that the textures (especially that of the pastry, which to me is the highlight of any pie) could have been much better executed. i liked the fact that it came with a side salad though! and the corn chips (additional $2) were highly addictive ;)
the GRUB breakfast set ($15) was a pretty complete meal with grilled focaccia, scrambled eggs, mushrooms, salad and your choice of breakfast beef or garlic pork sausage. the sausage was pretty tasty ^^ and i suppose this is considered quite decent, considering its one of the more affordably-priced full breakfasts around.
Bishan Park I
510 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1
Tel.: +65 6459 5743
Tue-Fri 5.30pm-10.30pm
Sat, Sun, PH 9am-2.30pm, 5.30pm-10.30pm

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