i was so happy to find this dress in primark while i was shopping in UK! (: been searching for a tank maxi dress for quite some time already, and this one in striking cobalt blue caught my eye immediately. i contemplated getting it in red actually. haha. but i think i’ll look kinda eerie in it :p and luckily i didn’t, because i realised that i already have a red maxi, in a deep wine red colour which is much pleasing to the eye. 
i love how this dress is the perfect length for me, and hugs my body at all the right places! the material is fantastic, even at super affordable primark prices (i think it cost like £10?!). heavy enough to skim over any unsightly bumps, yet light enough to be suitable for singapore’s weather :) 
Dress: Primark //
Bracelets: Primark & Thomas Sabo //
Earrings: Bead Street at Cineleisure //
Shades: Ray Ban

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