Housewarming Party (I)

so we’re finally all moved in and ready to show our house to people! ^^ haha. it took such an incredibly long time, but really glad that it was a job well done in the end :)) the housewarming we had last week was just one of a string that we’ll probably we having. hehe can’t wait for my friends to come over! christmas x new year x cny! so many upcoming festivals to celebrated. and i’m so excited :D

well i really wanted to put a video here to show you all the wonderful food we catered, but i can’t seem to find a way to embed a video from instagram here! >:( blogger annoys me sometimes really. anyway, if you want to see the video, here’s the link! :) it was sooooo good! wish my appetite was good that day so that i could devour everything. but it’s alright, i’ve got a new mission to keep my eating in check. i’m really too greedy already! i didn’t know my limits which is why i ended up with a terrible indigestion. shall not let that happen again. no more going to extremes!! :P (i try…)
anyway, we catered from PeraMakan, which is actually a Nyonya restaurant all the way at Keppel Club! we ate there before, and mummy really liked the dry mer siam from there (so do i!) and that’s why we decided to cater from there ^^ it was really expensive though! and we totally over-ordered due to the minimum pax requirement. but it was absolutely worth it :D 
despite the fact that we already had excess food, papa still asked me to make more stuff! :P but it was really fun, and i’m glad what i made was well-received by his guests ^^ 
the homemade sangria was AWESOME save for the fact that we didn’t have brandy to put in. so i suppose the alcohol content was lower than what it should typically be? haha. anyway, it’s really simple! just slice up fruits of your choice (i used apples, oranges, pineapples and peaches), put them in a container, and pour in the wine. i actually mixed different types of wine oops (Carbenet Sauvignon and Shiraz) because we didn’t have enough of one kind to fill the container, but it turned out fine, luckily! (i’m seriously one of the most trial-and-error cooks around haha). brandy should be added too, but i didn’t have it, so i left that out. leave it to chill for up to 24 hours, for the flavours of the alcohol and fruit to blend into each other! (:
and i also made a cheese platter!! this was the most last minute thing ever, with us going out to buy the ingredients just 2 hours before the guests arrived! but i’m so glad it turned out perfect! :) the best part was how the cheese board even came about – it came together with a purchase of certain types of cheeses! i’m a happy girl now because i’ve been wanting to buy a cheese board since FOREVER but never knew where i could get one! ^^ it was SO timely. i served brie cheese, cheddar cheese and pepper-spiced cream cheese, together with condiments like dried cranberries, ham, pecan nuts and crackers. simple, and oh-so-yummy :D
and the gorgeous table set-up was thanks to papa’s friend who delivered a gift earlier in the day (: it came in super useful after i kinda unassembled the whole thing :P used the container to hold the sangria and the rest of the items inside for the table decor ;) 

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