Toby’s Estate & Swirls Bake Shop

this place has been around for quite some time and i keep hearing of people going there for brunch! but it took awhile before i finally set foot in this place, because of its location at robertson quay, which is really quite inaccessible by public transport. i realised though, that this is exactly the charm of this place! (: being relatively hard-to-get-to, it is a quieter part of our bustling Singapore where there are less people, more space to chillax, and a higher possibility of spotting some eyecandy (read: cute angmohs :p). i used to think of robertson quay as a night-life kind of place, with a more laid-back bar/pub feel compared to its neighbour across the river, clarke quay. but i’ve come to realise that it’s a lovely place to be at in the daytime as well! i really enjoyed the peace and quiet in this area, and the out-of-singapore vibe i get when i’m here. 
toby’s estate is a lovely warehouse-inspired cafe that is spacious (there is an outdoor dining area as well) with a huge common table in the middle and also smaller tables along the sides. the brunch menu had dishes other than the common breakfast items found everywhere, which i really appreciated! time to eat things other than eggs benny :p haha. 
 as expected, sam went in for the kill when he saw the toby’s breakfast ($18). and it didn’t disappoint! look at that pile of food!!!! i have to say that this full breakfast is one of the best i’ve seen so far! there was a generous portion of everything – eggs (scrambled/poached), espresso maple bacon, cherry tomato confit, sauteed mixed mushrooms and brioche toast. i loved how they put effort into the little touches that made items on this dish stand out! for example, the bacon had a lovely tinge of sweetness thanks to the maple syrup, and the mushrooms were simply orgasmic!!!!!! :O:O:O they were the BEST mushrooms i’ve ever eaten, not kidding at all. they had a delicious perfume of truffles that bathed our senses. it was so good, better than most truffle fries that you can find in other places. a.m.a.z.i.n.g!! the cherry tomatoes were delicious too! surprisingly sweet for singapore standards, and they were roasted to perfection.
i really enjoyed my breakfast taco ($12) for its unique-ness. although the portion looked so much sadder when placed next to sam’s big breakfast, it definitely made up in terms of taste! and this is one dish that you wouldn’t typically find in brunch places, so thumbs up for that! ^^ the taco shell was lightly toasted such that it was nice and crisp, and it was filled with a generous portion of chili con carne (beef) and scrambled eggs that went wonderfully together! this sat atop a bed of greens drizzled with balsamic, and it was a very nicely balanced dish (:
Toby’s Estate
8 Rodyk Street #01-03/04
Tel.: +65 6636 7629
Mon-Wed, Sun 7.30am-6pm
Thu-Sat 7.30am-10pm

and special mention for this adorable cupcake shop just around the corner from toby’s estate! ^^ it is soooo adorable! i was so excited to see it, and their flavours sound so interesting (: besides their typical flavours available daily, they also have specials that change on a daily basis i think. and i absolutely love how they have super-mini cupcake sizes!!!! they are little bite sized ones, which just seem much less sinful hehe :P i tried the lavendar mini cupcake ($2.80) and i loooved the light floral aroma that it had. the icing was light and fluffy, which was nice.

Swirls Bake Shop
8 Rodyk Street #01-08
Tel.: +65 6634 4765
Daily 11am-7pm


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