My "last" "10 days to play"

hi!!! omgosh i’m drowning in blog posts to do #canyoubelieveit. haha even with the holidays here i’m still struggling to finish up my posts from months ago! and i’m flying off for my holiday early tomorrow morning!! rushing rushing this post like CRAZY. haha. anyway, why the strange title? well I’m really amazed at how this even happened, but for 3 out of 4 years of winter breaks in SMU that i had (other than last year when i didn’t travel because i was interning), i always had exactly 10 days between my last exam and the date that i flew overseas. how coincidental is that?! i have no idea why either. haha anyway looking back at 2010 and 2011, gosh, that just seems crazy long ago. i still can’t believe i’m gonna graduate in half a year :'( 
ended off our last day of exams on a HIGH note with free flow alcohol and a scrumptious buffet at Intercontinental Hotel’s Olive Tree restaurant! thanks to the gourmet club x wine appreciation club deal, i only paid $30 for it :O how awesome is that!!! #TGIO (thank god it’s over). so glad i ended with start as my last exam, because it was obviously the most promising out of the four exams i took. the other three were just bleah >.< let's not mention it. i dread to think of the results that are going to be released next week (i think?). shall just enjoy my holiday and check it when i'm back. yikes! always hate that dreaded feeling. 
anyway i went all ballistic when i saw the dessert buffet line!!! (idk whether that’s the right word to use haha but basically i was on a crazy sugar high even before touching any of it). all the food looked so good!!!!! and plus it was a christmas buffet, so there were festive touches to it (like a log cake!) which made things even more exciting ^^
some of the items in the buffet! 
happy boy attacking the seafood first as usual ;)
we were actually stuffed by the time we finished with the appetisers and mains. but guess what, i took a walk and came back with not one, but TWO plates of dessert for us to share! KEKEKE :P the look on Sam’s face when he saw the amount of food i brought back was epic :P lol!! i made him share them with me hehe. so yummy! how could we have missed out on this eh? ;) had an awesome time trying the different kinds of wine too, and they were all so good! 
i dyed my hair!! :) i guess those of you who saw my instagram already know this. so in love with this lighter shade, and i’ll be blogging about my experience at _kimrobinson real soon! 
after my hair session, i went to the CHANEL’s The Little Black Jacket exhibition at the ArtScience Museum at MBS with SK! (: it was such an inspirational exhibition!! I’m really out of things, but I’ve gotta admit that i didn’t even know this exhibition was in singapore till SK told me about it. thanks for inviting me along babe!! :) it was pretty amazing to see how the jacket was SO versatile, it could be worn with anything – like over a T-shirt and jeans combo for a casual look, to being part of a ball gown :O some photos were really quite funny, the way they styled the jacket. they practically ripped it up!! O.o but super cool.
just look at this little darling!! :’) isn’t she soooo adorable?!
hey handsome ;)
we were trying to take artistic shots :P haha.
kiera knightly looked absolutely stunning in this!! (which reminds me, my poster is still with sam! hahaha). it was really nice of the people at the exhibition to give out free posters of some of the photographs! how cool is that! oh the exhibition is free too btw! it’ll be here till 1 Jan 2014 (:
oh and there was this really cute activity corner outside the exhibition hall where we could design our own christmas cards! so interesting ^^ thanks SK for the photos! (: 
sorry this post is getting really long, but cos i don’t really have time to blog again till i get back >.< so i'm kinda just spamming everything! 
went for a christmas walk with Sam down Orchard Road the day before he left for China! <3 miss you darling! it was such a nice simple date ^^ plus the fact that i was down with some sort of fever/indigestion (i dunno what), and i just practically didn't feel like eating the whole day. so instead of the foodie date that we'd planned (sigh…we have no fate with song fa bak kut teh D:), ended up just strolling around the orchard area admiring the christmas lights and watching hunger games! OMG that show literally had me jumping in my seat quite a few times cos of shock haha. and we took a picture with my favvvv christmas tree in orchard road ^^
another day, we checked out the Public Garden Flea at TripleOne Somerset! i’ve been seeing a lot of pictures of their flea and i’ve been wanting to check it out! also saw that nakedglory would be there and i’ve been wanting to take a look at their watches since forever! i’ve not worn a watch for nearly 10 years (can you believe it…) but thanks to Sam, i’ve started to get a bit more interested in it ;) and there’s no harm getting a new arm candy, right? ;) hehe. so happy that he came along with me to the flea, and actually enjoyed it too! (especially after i bought the watch i think :p haha) so yep, i’ve got my first watch in 10 years. and i really like it! it has such a pretty maroon-coloured face that i love! and greedy me (as usual. i wasn’t suffering from indigestion then) went around trying food and came across these really adorable and DELICIOUS jams from Gan Soon Hock Conserves! this pumpkin-flavoured was super interesting, and at $4 for a small bottle, really affordable!!! so i decided to buy one to try. new salad dressing, yippee! ^^
okay i shall just stop here and leave my housewarming party for another post. thanks for reading all the way to end! :D and bye-bye while i fly to aussieeeeeee ^^ 
*i will be scheduling posts anyway, so you’ll be entertained during the week i’m gone! ;) hehe <3

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