Carnivore Appetite

Part II of Sam’s birthday (another very overdue post. see part I here!) was stuffing ourselves at the buffet at Carnivore Appetite! at $29.90 for a weekday dinner, this is quite a steal! though i would say that the meat could have been better, but for this price, i’d still say it was worth a try (: 
salad bars are always one of my first stops at a buffet! LOVE all the colours here, and i really liked how they provided pretty interesting veggie varieties that aren’t usually available in other salad bars e.g. alfalfa sprouts and beetroot! (not that i really like beetroot, but the colour is loveee) 
the seafood section was pretty small, and i suggest skipping it because i felt it wasn’t very fresh.
and here are the grilled options!! to be honest, the variety was a tad disappointing. while i didn’t expect it to be as extensive as the original Carnivore restaurants, but having only four meats to choose from was rather sad :( 
there were other cooked dishes as well, and we particularly liked the braised beef on the left! it was pretty tender and tasty :) 
these were the cold dish options! didn’t try them though.
birthday boy diggin’ in :))) <3
oh! these were probably one of our most interesting discoveries!! two adorable bottles of condiments, which served a purpose that was more practical than expected. each containing special ingredients to counter excess salt or grease, all you have to do is drizzle some onto the meat and voila, it fits to your desired tolerance level ;)
and desserts! again a disappointing section with just ice cream and a bunch of cakes. i guess i can’t complain because i didn’t really expect there to be a dessert section in the first place! and we were already quite full by then anyway :)

overall, i feel that having reasonable expectations for this buffet helps! it is definitely one of the more affordable ones around (especially when compared to its predecessor), and this is reflected in the variety that you get. we were still VERY full at the end of the buffet though! so shows that you don’t need that much food to stuff yourself with ;)

on a side note, i really wanna try Lady M!! does anyone have recommendations on what’s good there? ^^

Carnivore Appetite
Marina Square #02-102
Tel.: +65 6336 2282
Mon-Sun 12pm-9.30pm


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