November’s VanityTrove

hihi! (:

in this month’s VanityTrove, i decided to be a little more selective in the kind of products i chose because i had specific beauty needs which i was targeting. I’ve been breaking out pretty badly recently (which is annoying me terribly!) and this has caused me to have some scarring which looks awful!! so i chose a bunch of whitening products which i’m really excited to share with you all! i also picked out two beautiful perfumes, one of which i absolutely adore.

and i’m really glad that VanityTrove allows me to have the chance to test out these products – perfumes in particular, because it’s so personal and i’d hate to buy a bottle of perfume only to realise it’s a scent that i can’t live with. i’m super picky about smells that way :p and yes, you could test it in the store, but often I’m so overwhelmed after testing a series of perfumes one after another that my sense of smell isn’t really that accurate anymore! so i love how the little sample-sized perfumes are perfect for me this way, to discover the scent that is for me. plus i get bored easily, so that sample could just last me through my “phase” at that point in time ;)

anyway, the perfume sample that i really loved was Bvlgari’s Omnia Chrystalline. i was surprised initially because i thought the picture of the other perfume looked prettier (you’ve got to know that half the love battle for perfume is won when it comes in a pretty bottle). i really liked the breezy, feminine scent of the Omnia Chystalline. the lotus top notes tickle the olfactory senses, gently teasing – and gives way to a heart of velvety iris which is quietly seductive. it was such a easy-to-wear scent, and yet subtly sexy! loved it :D

i felt that Untold by Elizabeth Arden was rather too heavy for me. i don’t really like over-powering smells, and i felt that this scent was too heady for my liking.

on to skincare, i was so excited to try out skin food’s products because i always love their packaging and how they seem so natural! imagine skincare products that are good enough to eat? ;) hmm! haha. the Goldkiwi gift set consisted of a toner and emulsion. you can check out my review for this product here!

i tried another product from Elizabeth Arden – the Visible Whitening Smoothing Cleanser, review here. and the L’Oreal White Perfect Laser had a watery finish that made application easy!

i was stoked to see products from Decléor in the list of samples to choose from! i really didn’t quite expect this because from what i know, Decléor products are mainly used or sold in spas, and i never thought i’d have the chance to use them for myself ^^ with a holistic approach to beauty based on natural ingredients, you can be sure of the quality of their products. i tried the Decléor De Aroma White Lotion and you can take a look at my review here.


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