SKIRT, W Singapore Sentosa Cove

i wanted to visit W Singapore since it opened, and i was glad to find an excuse to go there on my birthday (months ago) hehe. it is so beautiful!!!!! and the service is amazing (: i’m definitely gonna come back here to have a staycation (dreaming…:D) if i have the chance.
such a gorgeous view right!!! wish i can dive into that pool right now hehe. 
spent quite awhile camwhoring around the hotel because it was just so pretty. can totally imagine myself chilling right here hehe.
this is the famous Woobar, which looks damn comfy??!!! look at those plush sofas! and i think they serve high tea in really cute birdcage-like things ^^ i’m seriously 发花痴 now hee!
anyway, so now to the main point of why we were at W Singapore… have dinner at Skirt!! :) so excited! :D i’d been wanting to have some good steak, and i read about how W Singapore has steaks that are pretty reasonably priced (: they have a really wide range in fact. from $35 all the way to $100+. not “affordable”, as some blogs described it to be. but they do have quite a number in the $40-$50 range, which i suppose is still alright (: 
simply loved how classy this restaurant feels ^^
we started off on a high note with this complimentary serving of warm, fluffy bread ^^ it was really nice and soft and i would have kept taking more, if only i didn’t have to save my stomach for the main courses haha :P oh btw they don’t serve tap water here, so i think one bottle of san pellegrino is $10. haha kinda exorbitant if you ask me.
if you order the steaks, you will be served these two bottles before your main course ^^ the clear bottle is apple bourbon, which helps to cleanse your palate, while the other is bbq sauce to go with your meat (: 
we also had three different kinds of salt to choose from. so cool!! although i can’t remember what the different salts were :P there was a rosemary one, another that was spicy and i can’t rmb the last one. honestly, i couldnt realllly taste the difference between them haha (except the spicy one), but they definitely added flavour to the meat when necessary! (:
to start with, we ordered an appetizer, king prawns split and peppered ($25). it was sooo good! huge, fat, juicy prawns with springy fresh meat that tasted so succulent! (: it was a little hard peeling the meat from the shells (hmm haha actually means that it’s not so fresh, no? :P but it tasted alright!), but we enjoyed them thoroughly anyway ;)
haha sorry for the really dark photos!!! >.< makes the steaks look sorta strange huh :/ but the blackness of the steak is actually because they are all dry-aged steaks! :) felt really lucky to be able to speak to one of the waiters after our meal, and he described the aging process to us. it actually results in a very different flavour when the steak is grilled, compared to non dry-aged steaks, and for these steaks, even if you order it rare, it'll be red, but not bloody :) definitely good for squeamish people haha.
we ordered two steaks – this was the Skirt steak ($55) which is a blackmore australian full blood 9+ wagyu. it had a delicious flavour and barely required additional seasoning from the salt/bbq sauce. i still feel that such a high grade wagyu would actually taste better lightly seared (like when i ate it in hokkaido years ago…omg that was of an unmatchable standard!) rather than grilled this way. 
we also ordered the donald russell irish grass fed Hereford 21 days dry aged tenderloin ($44). true to its name, this was more tender than the skirt steak, however, i felt that the flavour was lacking instead! but with the salt/sauces it tasted delicious (: 
totally had a steak feast that day, rounding it off with the SKIRT Blackmore Wagyu burger ($30)! this was a delicious burger patty, that was succulent and very well executed! i actually liked this the most haha. the burger bun was really tough though!
i don’t know why, but for me the stars of the meal were actually the sides :p hahaha. i totally gushed over the sauteed portobello mushrooms ($12), which were huge, seasoned to perfection and so super duper juicy and flavourful!!! you’ve got to try it to understand what i mean. they were so good!!!
we also super loved the asparagus, quail egg and burnt butter ($12). i believe it was thanks to the butter, that this dish was so beautifully aromatic. it was absolutely irresistible! ^^
overall, i’m not sure whether my amazing experiences in florence, italy clouded my experience, but i felt that the steaks i’d tried were not as fantastic as i’d heard. perhaps it was because we had gone for the lower-tier steaks in this restaurant, i felt there was definitely room for improvement. nevertheless, i loved the whole ambience there, the sides and all the little things that added to the whole experience (: and W Singapore, i will be back ;)
W Singapore 
21 Ocean Way, Sentosa Cove
Tel.: +65 6808 7278
Daily 6.30pm-11.30pm

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