Green Day

haha random but this title reminds me of my favourite song from this band! – When September Ends ^^
anyway, if you know me, it’s pretty rare that i wear anything green. at least, this shade of green. i quite like jade/mint green (the lighter shades), but not this kind of forest green. eeks. but i really liked the breezy look of this top that i couldn’t resist buying it! not a bad idea to add a new colour to spruce up my wardrobe sometime ^^ and i paired it with my a pair of olive green shorts too! 
throw on a blazer and i’m ready to tackle all weathers! :D 
guess what! darling wore green that day too!!!!! ^^^^^^ hehe. i was so happy ;) we always unintentionally colour code :D <3 had brunch at toby's estate that day which was awesome!! blog post about that coming up soon! (: 
Top: Primark //
Shorts: Cotton on //
Blazer: Primark // 
Bracelet: Primark & Thomas Sabo

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