Hello December! (:

hello! (: 
i’m a couple of days late, and i’ve gotta do the ‘omg-i-cant-believe-how-time-flies-and-its-the-last-month-of-2013-already!’ squeal that i’ve been seeing on quite a lot of blogs :p but it’s true! it’s amazing how this year has just flown past and we’re into the last month. wow. and it’s two days (or less actually!) till the end of my exams ~ liberation. i absolutely can’t wait! 
these few days have just got me reflecting a little on my life so far. it’s funny how this year seems to be characterized by one word – RUSHING. i don’t know why that’s the case! in fact, perhaps the whole of my university life was made up by a lot of that, but then again it’s something pretty novel to me since i’ve lived most my life as a #lazybum hehe. i still am btw. anyway, i digress. it’s pretty ironic (and i can imagine quite an uproar upon reading this) that even on exchange, i was rushing. hmm, at least in some ways, like to catch the train etc. and just this morning i was thinking, why did i rush for that train? i read this article on Thought Catalog: 10 Reasons why travelling makes you a better person, and this point was especially enlightening:
#5 Enjoying the moment: Forget the missed bus and enjoy the culture that can be experienced in one hour waiting at the bus stop. Stay in the present.

i mean, i know that missing a train probably has more negative implications than this, but that’s beside the point. it wouldn’t have hurt to try anyway. but this is it: enjoying the moment. exchange was probably one of the rarest times that i could take the time to enjoy the moment, simply because of how slow the life in Europe is, and the fact that studies didn’t really matter. not that i didn’t enjoy it, but i could have definitely lived in the moment more. i could have savoured it better, like a ferrero rocher that you try to hold on your tongue for as long as possible, enjoying the flavour before it disappears. #italyanalogyfail #alwaysthinkingoffood
it’s always when something is taken away from you that you learn to appreciate it better. well, exchange is never going to come back again, but there is still a month left to 2013! (and i’m SO going back to Europe). let’s not go into the details of this crazy semester, where rushing was taken to a whole new level. i think it’s also partly to do with how slow i am at doing everyday things. oh wells. point for improvement there! 
anyway, it’s December and exams are ending! so many things i want to do and so i’ve gotta plan my time well.
i wanna learn how to make flower arrangements! (: anyone who has any idea where i can do so, or is interested in teaching me, please do let me know! ^^ 
i think i’m actually going to be a nerd (learning from my smugger boyfriend :p) and buy my textbook next year and start reading it! no, not because i’m trying to study during my december break (such actions are not within my repertoire), but because i really want to get down to learn more about investing and i think this is a good way to begin!
i can’t wait for my holiday!!!! going to Aussie with the family this month and i am so stoked :D my travel bug has been stagnant for way too long. vineyards here i comeeee ;) hehe.
and there is a whole long list of other things to do. honestly don’t know how i’m going to fit everything in. including updating my blog (i’ve got a TONNE of backlog posts that are unwritten #killme) and i want to change my blog layout/design (no idea how to make it look nicer sigh :/ if anyone is willing to teach me again, i would greatly appreciate it!). but i will try to plan my time properly. most importantly, 

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