The long & short of things

hello! wanted to share one of my fav outfits with you all! (: it’s one of sam’s favourites also haha. this long/short skirt is one of my BEST BUYS EVER ^^ there was this period when it was super in style, and i searched a lot of places for a nice one. this one is especially nice to me because of its very flowy, wavy appearance! some skirts are just straight cut in the front and back, and i think it’s just way too boring. the way this skirt falls is simply perfect though! and i got it at a steal for $20 at bugis street! (Y) score! and love how this skirt can turn anyone into a dancer ^^ 
and i tried the stacked bangles look! quite happy with it after trying a whole lot of combinations haha.
Top: Primark //
Skirt: Bugis Street //
Bangles: H&M, New Look
Ring: H&M

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