Mini cafe-hopping in the East! (:

to me, the east always seems really really far away and i’m always so lazy to travel there unless i’ve got a reason to! haha now with the circle line, it has thankfully become slightly more accessible, but it’s still far :p we discovered a couple of interesting cafes that were around the katong area which we wanted to check out though! so went there with darling on my birthday (eons ago…) to explore the area ^^ 
haha don’t get too excited, there is a reason why i called it a “mini” cafe hopping, because we only went to two cafes :p i think that seems to be all though? tell me if there are more! 
Penny University
we came here for brunch! (: and i like how their menu was pretty affordable (: was deciding between this and rabbit carrot gun (which is the other place we went to), but this seemed like the menu was more interesting. and it’s definitely much more affordable too!!!! 
the most interesting of the lot were the turkish eggs ($8) and sam added smoked salmon which was an additional $2. they totally didn’t look like how i expected, because i thought it sounded similar to something from jones the grocer but looked nothing like it! anyway, this turned out to be a real surprise because i loved it! sam was…slightly less enthusiastic towards it but he thought it was not bad. personally, i really liked how the various flavours from the tangy-sourish yogurt and spicy Moroccan harissa sauce went together with the simple poached eggs and livened up the entire dish. i enjoyed dipping the sourdough toast into the yummy sauce to soak up the juices ^^
i waited an absurdly long time for my french toast ($8) to arrive, and the fact that we were in a rush didn’t help at all. seems like the french toast takes an exceptionally long time to churn out? because another table had to wait really long for it as well. i don’t understand why. anyway, these were not too bad! the toast wasn’t very tasty on its own, but paired with the maple syrup, it was delicious of course ;) i think i still prefer savoury food! 
sam also ordered a shot of espresso ($3.50) which he declared to be not good at all because it was too acidic. i don’t drink coffee so i wouldn’t know any better :p then again, his tastebuds have been pampered by italian coffee for 4 months, which is impossible to get here, so it might not be a good gauge. anyway, try it for yourself and decide! 
overall a very nice little cafe, with lots of delicious sweet treats on display as well! it didn’t seem wise to order those though, because they were almost the same price as the brunch dishes we had ordered. 
Penny University
402 East Coast Road 
Tel.: +65 9008 9314
Tue-Thu 8.30am-6pm
Fri 8.30am-9.30pm
Sat, Sun & PH 8.30am-10.30pm
Rabbit Carrot Gun
headed to rabbit carrot gun after our karaoke session because we realised it was SO NEAR to katong shopping mall!! haha i didn’t realise how near it was! nice ;) 
i think the food is only okay though! preferred what was served at penny. sam got the game keeper’s shooting breakfast ($17.50 if i rmb correctly) which sounded super amazing with a whole slew of ingredients such as eggs, bacon, english pork sausage, sauteed mushrooms and grilled tomatoes with toast. but it turned out to be a rather small plate of food! >:( haha this pic is not really a good representation (it actually looks not bad huh) cos it really looked quite disappointing :( taste wise, i suppose it was alright, but not really worthy of the rather high price tag imo.
on the other hand, i really like my lemon drizzle cake ($5.50)!! :) hehe. it was soft, fluffy yet dense enough, with a lovely lemon-y flavour ^^ 
my conclusion is that you should go to pennyuni for some proper food before heading to rabbit carrot gun for snacks ;) haha. btw, this place doesnt have any airconditioning, but we were there on a slightly rainy day and it was cooling enough! (: 
Rabbit Carrot Gun
49 East Coast Road
Tel.: +65 6348 8568
Tue: 3pm-10.30pm
Wed-Sun: 9am-10.30pm

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