Classic Pedicure at Ladyfinger

hi! (: 
it’s exam week!!! and i have three accounting exams in a row. #whee. the great news is that i don’t have any accounting modules at all next semester, and that is exactly what has been driving me through this entire semester. and the end is near! (: i can feel it. go go go! for those having exams too, all the best! :)) december is finally arriving. 
anyway, for those who follow me on instagram, you would have seen how i was going on a pampering spree last monday, getting a new hairdo and pretty nails ^^^ it was the beginning of the study week, and i was feeling so guilty enjoying myself, but it was just such a great way to kick off the week of studying. (i can’t believe how fast last week flew by). but the result of my pampering (part one on my hair will be up after exams!) were my pretty toenails! (: i dont have the nicest feet/legs, but i hope you like this post anyway :p 
the last time i was at Ladyfinger, i got the most adorable nail art done. but this time i decided to give my fingernails a break and did a pedicure instead. well, i’m not sure how interested you are at looking at my feet (haha), but i had a really relaxing time at Ladyfinger and i’d like to share it with you girls! 
started off with a foot soak, in super warm water with a scrub, and my feet just relaxed instantly. it was like having a foot reflexology and i was almost lulled into sleep! 
my manicurist, Michelle, proceeded to shape my toenails and remove my cuticles as usual. then came my favourite part of the session, which was the scrub/buffer! she used a scrub to slough away the rough dead skin on my feet, especially at the heels and the balls of my feet. i always dislike how rough my feet have become, especially due to all the walking i did in Europe, and all the buffing really helped in smoothening out my skin somewhat! i should have taken some before-and-after photos, but i was too busy enjoying the moment :p 
she then applied moisturizer all over my legs, and here they are, wrapped up in fluffy towels, all nice and clean ^^
i spent the longest time deciding on what colour to choose, because i’m just so fickle-minded as always, when it comes to picking colours for my nails. there were just SO MANY to choose from! and i tend to go for pinks (in all shades) typically, so i really wanted to choose something different this time. i decided on this light blue/turquoise colour in the end, and i was soooo happy with how pretty it turned out!! the colour looked even more beautiful in real life compared to the sample! it was such a beautiful, tiffany-blue kind of colour and i absolutely LOVED IT. because i was greedy, i decided to choose a glittery blue for my fourth toenail, just for fun. just having a tinge of regret there, because i can just imagine how all my toes would look so nice with that tiffany-blue colour on it! but oh well, the glitter has its own beauty too ^^ 
thank you Michelle & Ladyfinger for always giving me such gorgeous nails! 
AMK Hub #03-30
Tel.: +65 6481 1200

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