La Ristrettos

omg guess what!!!! :D i found my cioccolata calda in singaporeeeee ~ haha so happy! thought i’ll never get to drink it again after leaving italy :( now i know where to get my cioccolata fix ;) hehe. la ristrettos is a really nice hidden find, tucked away amidst the maze of medical suites in novena medical centre. if not for the small lunch crowd, i would think that place is normally really really quiet and peaceful (: just look out the window and you’ll see nothing but greenery, and more people just chillin’. nice ;) the perfect place for some me-time which i’d really needed during that period. 
i think this is an italian-inspired cafe, not just because of the chocolate, but because lots of things on the menu are in their italian names :) quite nostalgic actually. haha. ‘ristretto’ actually means ‘restrained’ or something like that, which means that you get an even more POWERFUL espresso shot, as it has less water in it. i’m not a coffee person, so i didn’t try their espresso. but i wonder whether it could be anything like the super gao italian espresso sam enjoyed so much.
i would say that their cioccolata calda ($6.50) was pretty well done! ^^ definitely has the thickness and creaminess similar to the italian version ;) the only thing was that it was rather erm..lumpy? haha not that it diminished my experience of drinking it. it was actually quite nice to melt the chocolate lumps in my mouth :p just wondering whether it was because they didn’t stir it properly or what. #kaopeh haha :P
i really like their options for all-day breakfast here! definitely one of the most original i’ve seen so far. getting a teeny bit bored of the normal full breakfasts and eggs benny (even though i still love it!!) that i’m seeing in every single brunch menu around. the menu here though, has none of those, and therefore appeals to me much more at this time ;) it’s the kind of menu you’d probably find in italy (though this would probably be more like a lunch menu in italy, rather than breakfast), consisting mostly of sandwiches. BUT way better than italy ;) why? because there is real meat in it!!!!! score :D i loved my tostino e arrosto ($10) which was a toasted sourdough spread with garlic olive oil (which made the bread superrr tasty!), spinach, roast chicken breast, cherry tomatoes and ricotta cheese. the flavours of the spinach and cherry tomatoes were lovely, and they enhanced the mild taste of the chicken breast significantly when eaten together. the texture of the chicken was not too shabby, at least it wasn’t overly dry, despite being roasted. wish there was more ricotta because it was merely a tiny dollop and i couldn’t really taste it :/ sadly, a blooper came in the form of the salad! it was…sad to say, disgusting. ironically one of my friends said it was one of the best she’d ever eaten. maybe they didn’t wash it for me :( it tasted really strongly of pesticide. which is awful. but i didn’t touch it after a few mouths and thoroughly enjoyed the rest of my sandwich (: 
overall, a very nice place to chill, with a very calm, zen-like feel. and i would come back for my italian hot chocolate ;) 
La Ristrettos
10 Sinaran Drive, Novena Medical Centre #08-37
Tel.: +65 6397 7165
Mon-Fri 8am-6pm
Sat 8am-1pm

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