The BEST ramen in Singapore: Ramen Keisuke

hihi! oh gosh this post is SUPER overdue. i wanted to blog about this place the moment i tried it, but evidently i couldn’t find the time to >.< oops! and i declare this the BEST RAMEN I'VE EVER EATEN. thanks to jiayee for the awesome recommendation!! ^^ it's her favourite too! and i'm not thaaat discerning when it comes to ramen – i usually like it because of the soup/charsiew, or i just find it alright, but this ramen…this ramen is different. 
we started off by digging into this cold dish of bean sprouts. it comes on the side and you can help yourself to as much of it as you like! it’s super refreshing and crunchy and we totally devoured half a bottle (it was quite a big bottle) among our whole table :P haha.
i ABSOLUTELY L.O.V.E.D. my bowl of ramen. i do concede that it’s not the most photogenic thing on earth (even just compared to the other two below) but i personally felt that it tasted the best! ^^ just a simple Tokyo Style Pork broth ramen with flavoured egg ($13) and it was da-bombz!!!! so so so good! the soup was so deliciously rich and full-bodied, and you could really taste the essences of the tonkotsu within this luscious soup. as i slurped it up, the flavours sloshed on my tongue and i went to ramen-heaven ^^ what really made this bowl of ramen so awesome was that everything in it was good!! a lot of ramen places tend to either do well in one aspect of the ramen, but fail in others, while Ramen Keisuke managed to achieve the sacred trinity of rich soup, bouncy noodles and well-executed ingredients. the cha shu was delightfully soft and the flavoured egg was done to perfection, producing a brilliant concoction that had me squealing with joy.
for the fans of chilli, the Tokyo style chicken stock ramen ($13) didn’t disappoint too! though i’m a strong supporter of pork-based ramen, this chicken stock ticked all the boxes with me as well, with the punchy spiciness that elevated the entire dish.
perhaps the most interesting of all was the crab stock ramen ($13.80)! completely unheard of before, this was a really interesting soup base that tasted exactly like how a good crab bisque should be ;) super thick and rich with buttery flavours, this was a hearty bowl of soup which went well with the other ingredients. while i still vote for my ramen as the best of all, this was definitely an interesting contender! (:


Ramen Keisuke
Parco, Millenia Walk #P03-02
Tel.: +65 6337 7919
Mon-Wed, Fri 11.30am-3.30pm 5.30pm-10.30pm
Thu 11.30am-3.30pm 5.30pm-10pm
Sat & Sun 11am-10pm 


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