Open Door Policy

O.M.G. O.D.P. i finally tried it!!!! i think this place can win an award for being on my omnomnom’s list for the longest time haha. and i can’t believe i waited so long to try it! (although it was because previously it was always quite difficult to get a reservation for this place) can see why it’s so popular though! because it’s really good!!! 
we actually came here for brunch but we ordered from the lunch menu instead because the items sounded so much more enticing. and no regrets at all ;) maybe sometime i should come back for the real brunch, but i think that menu isn’t as fantastic.
so, first thing we ordered was this wild mushroom risotto with truffle and chanterelle ($45). this is probably not on the menu actually, because it was a special 5-day only menu. but gosh, look at those truffles!!!!! :O aren’t they amazing?! the risotto itself unfortunately didn’t have much of a truffle flavour, but it was nevertheless very tasty. i didn’t actually try the truffle itself though, because it wasn’t my dish. but it looks soooo gorgeous! and love all the photos i took that day ^^ the lighting at ODP is perfetto! ;)
i sorta regretted ordering the braised duck ragout with pappardelle pasta and smoked tomato sauce ($25), but only because it was such a carb-y dish!! >.< other than that, this dish was wonderful actually! it had a delicious flavour that appealed to everyone, and the pasta was cooked just right (: so much better than italian pasta!!! haha. always cannot forget that ;) and i love how the cheese lent an additional dimension to the dish, which complemented the pasta perfectly. the only thing that left me rather bewildered was the duck ragout! haha it didn't taste like duck at all imo. but it was nice anyway!!
the smoked pork belly with garlic spinach and pickled vegetables ($30) totally looked like 烧肉 doesn’t it! haha.  (guess what, i finally figured out how to type chinese words on my keyboard lol!) it was soooo yummy. fried to a precise crisp on the outside, while the interior was nicely tender and firm, without being too fatty (:
one of my favourites that day was the 48 hour braised beef cheek with mochi potatoes, carrot puree and pea tendrils ($29). omgosh!!! it was SOOOOO TENDER, it literally MELTS IN YOUR MOUTH. i’m not kidding you. you barely have to chew on it at all. just pop it in your mouth, move it around a little and it just gradually dissolves. it was that soft. i loved the texture. i did wish that it had a deeper flavour though! perhaps the long cooking drained away its taste, because i felt that there was something lacking in that respect.
the bigass ODP burger with garlic fries and japanese mayonnaise ($27) was pretty good as well! it was a big burger with a rather (probably homemade) tender patty – nice! the “garlic” fries were rather disappointing though! totally didn’t taste the garlic at all! there was just this garlic clove buried amongst the fries. maybe we were supposed to smash it ourselves and mix it in? haha not sure. 
for drinks, we had our usual hot chocolate ($6.50). very pretty artwork here! (: but i didn’t think the chocolate was that great, unlike my italian chocolate or sprmkrt’s. it just tasted very mildly of chocolate and was quite thin. not very worth the $6.50 price tag in my opinion!
i think what really impressed us though, were the desserts!!!!! they were sooooo good, i feel like drooling just thinking about it ^^ so yummy!!!! i’m so proud of my choices mwahaha. we had the jam jar english trifle ($17) which was this jar layered with cream, a strawberry/raspberry puree and sponge cake. and it was so so good!!!!! oh gosh i really loved it! all the sweet and sour notes just went together so seamlessly to produce this simple, but wonderful dessert ^^
the apple crumble ($15) was supposed to take around 15-20min to prepare, but the actual wait was much shorter in the end :) but just let you know in case! it was served piping warm, and had a lovely crumbly crust, with soft baked apples inside bathed in a delicious vanilla custard! it was so yummy too!!! i was just like some ravenous crazy girl spooning these two desserts one after another into my mouth non-stop until they were all gone haha. i mean, i wasn’t the only one eating them – we shared – but i was just eating non-stop haha. too addictive :D 
Open Door Policy
19 Yong Siak Street
Tel.: +65 6221 9307
Lunch 12pm-3pm
Dinner 6pm-10.30pm
Brunch 11am-3.30pm (Sat & Sun)
Closed on Tue

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