Don’t these pair of shorts somewhat remind you of an exquisite Ming vase? i fell in love with them when i saw them in Europe. such a contrast in themes, and the juxtaposition of cultures probably contributed to my fascination in this piece. 
i decided to pair it with this top, which has been relegated to the mess in my closet for awhile, but i found it again in the move to our new house. this is such a comfort piece of mine – i can’t believe i forgot about it! a light chiffon piece that is really comfortable and airy, plus i can just throw it on and it matches with almost everything. 
for this all-blue ensemble, i decided to bring in some colour in my accessories and i took out my dangly earrings which i haven’t worn in awhile. i suppose these are one of the “retro” accessories which Sam used to love teasing me about? :p i guess my style has changed since then, and i wear a lot more stud earrings, but i still love how my danglys add a pop of colour to my outfit! (: 
Top: HK //
Shorts: H&M
Earrings: Old //
Bangles: New Look

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