&made by Bruno Menard

i’d been spamming burgers for quite a period of time but i just couldn’t resist trying &made when i had the opportunity to! (: haha quite funny that i went there with my girlfriends, and when i told sam that we had one huge burger and fries each, he commented that it was such an un-girl-like outing :p which is pretty true, lol! 
Bruno Menard is a three michelin star chef and i was glad to be able to try his food at a relatively more affordable price! haha. the burgers were not cheap, but they made up for it in terms of size :D should be enough to satisfy a guy i would think ;) the menu is pretty quirky, and i love looking at menus like these! i was seriously considering crafting my own burger, but opted for one of the signatures in the end, because it was more bang for my buck.
i really enjoyed my ‘B’ Burger ($19) which looked simply amazing doesn’t it??!! :D (credits to sk for the photos!) see that cheeeeeese ^^ so gooey and yummy-looking! it’s apparently their most popular burger ;) it’s a dry aged beef patty topped with caramelized onion, gooey french Comté cheese and a garlic-caper mayonnaise. i felt that the beef patty was rather crunchy, after a few consecutive days of eating really tender beef. but it was still pretty juicy which was a good thing! furthermore, with all the amazing toppings on it, they definitely added a wonderful flavour to the whole patty. and that bun! it was definitely one of the nicest burger buns i’ve ever eaten ^^ the top was crisp and slightly flakey, while the inside was soft and fluffy! all the burgers on this list are served with &made bbq sauce and your choice of original/smoked/garlic & vinegar fries. the bbq sauce was very interesting. for some reason, it reminded me of belachan or something. the texture i mean. haha and the taste was a little unconventional for bbq sauce as well. for the fries, i opted for the garlic & vinegar and i loved them! it had a more garlicky flavour than those at ODP and were really quite tasty!
sk had the chicken ($17) which was a roasted chicken breast patty served with salad, pickled pineapple, cucumber, onion and &made satay sauce! so interesting!! i didn’t try it though :p haha. and she chose the smoked fries which were really interesting too! (: i’m not sure what kind of flavour it was, maybe slightly like bbq? but they were yummy ^^
and i haven’t done an ootd for awhile, so here’s one! :) haha. you might have seen this outfit in my birthday photos – here are the details! ;) very lag, i know :( anyway, it was the first time i wore a peplum top! been avoiding those for a long time actually, because i was afraid that they’ll make my hips look big. which was really the case when i wore them with pants -> last warning. totally cannot do that combi!! initially i wanted to pair the top with shorts, which would be pretty safe, but i remembered seeing a pairing with a flare skirt, which i thought was a rather interesting idea! i would think that a peplum with a flare would make my butt look really big/make me look fat or something. but the effect turned out surprisingly not too bad! :) the peplum top really accentuated my waist and i was quite amazed! still not super confident about this look, but it spruces up the whole look a lot more, which i liked (: it actually looks like a one-piece doesn’t it! 
Top: New Look //
Skirt: old //
Bangle: Primark //
Ring: Bugis street 

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