hihi! i’ve been having a terrible backlog of posts and this is one which is super overdue! i can’t wait to share the contents of my second vanitytrove with you though! (: i always love receiving these pretty parcels from VanityTrove which are so ladylike and aesthetically-pleasing ^^ and revealing the contents always gives me a thrill, despite knowing that i hand-picked the items myself, but it still makes me excited to be able to see, hold and smell all these delicious little samples. you can see my previous post on my first VanityTrove here ^^
these were the products in my September VanityTrove! (: 
probably one of the most interesting products i had was the Cheonsoo HD Snail Essence Mask. i was really quite apprehensive about trying this initially because it just gives me the shivers to think of snail slime on my face! but i’ve been hearing so many raves about snail masks, and i just had to try it for myself! you can check out my review of this product here!
i really liked Jane Iredale Warm Silk set which consisted of 4 miniature sized products – the mineral BB cream, amazing base loose powder, just kissed lip plumper and lipdrink. i really loved the lip products that came in this set! the lipdrink was a refreshing-smelling lip balm which kept my lips moisturized and when i spread the lip plumper on, it glided on smoothly. a great combination of products which i would definitely keep going back to (: the loose powder was also really nice to use, with its silky texture, which was perfect for setting my makeup. the BB cream gave an amazing coverage, even though the colour wasn’t super suited for my skin tone! will upload a pic of it soon in my post on the Bobbi Brown Holiday 2013 collection! look out for it ;)
the Neutrogena bamboo gel cleanser was one of my favourite products in this month’s Trove! (: in the midst of all my shower stuff because i used it every single day! ^^ i like how it cleans my skin thoroughly, without leaving it with the squeaky feeling. i would still prefer if it left my skin feeling slightly moister though! 
my sentiments are similar for the Covermark Mineral Wash as well! i use it at night because i feel its slightly stronger, but i really like how my face feels like it has gone through a deep-cleanse after using this (: 
ahh i didn’t take pics my  Apivita Express Beauty Mask with Green Clay – one of my favourite products in this Trove!! but you can check out my review here (: also loved the Apivita purifying tonic lotion which was very refreshing and cleansed my skin amazingly to remove any excess residue that wasn’t washed off with my cleanser. possibly one of my new favourite brands! (:

new samples are launched on VanityTrove every Monday, 12pm. don’t miss out on them!! :) 


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