i want to be like this. can’t wait for this semester to end. please. faster. oh well at least the end is in sight.
and i get so easily distracted! it’s times like these when i get the most jumpy and unfocused (which is exactly when i shouldn’t). anyway, i’ve decided to embark on a new project. one photo a day, for the next, oh i dunno, few months perhaps? i want to buy a new camera, but before i get one, i want to make sure that it is a worthy buy. a photographer once told me that the key to a beautifully taken photograph is not in the camera, but in the amount of thought put into composing the photograph. makes sense :) so i’m going to try it. beautiful photos can be taken with any camera, including my S3, and that’s how i’m going to start. 
this is such a random post.

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