Common Man Coffee Roasters

why, hello there! (: 
Common Man Coffee Roasters has got to be one of the hottest brunch spots since it opened a couple of months back, and i’m glad to have snagged a seat here. perks of being an early bird – this cafe opens its doors from 8am daily, so there’s a good reason for you to get up early for a hearty breakfast! the prices, as you may have heard, are probably beyond what you’d think a “common man” should pay, but being a collaboration between 40 hands’ owner/barista, Australia’s Five Senses Coffee and under the Spa Esprit Group’s management, you can be sure of the quality of food, and of course, top-notch coffee. okay, i have to concede that i’m not a coffee drinker (i do feel it’s a pity sometimes, with all these fantastic coffee joints popping up all over the place, but i still prefer my sleep more :p), but i can guarantee that i felt the food was awesome. and it’s not everywhere that you can get a Middle-Eastern brunch (the other would be Artichoke, and i apologise that this post will only be posted in a couple of months time! :X but good things are worth waiting for right?), so i would say the premium you pay is well worth your buck.
there are several must-tries at CMCR, and the Turkish Common Man Breakfast ($25) is one of them. a hearty serving of goodness on a plate, and i hardly know where to start! the pyllo-wrapped soft boiled organic egg was the pièce de résistance with its crisp bird’s nest structured art encasing a delectable egg, which spilled a gorgeous runny yolk. the fresh cucumber and tomatoes lived up to their claim perfectly, with the tomatoes absolutely reminding me of those i had in italy! mind you, i’ve hadn’t had such wonderful tomatoes since i got back to singapore (i wonder where they bought these tomatoes from!! i want them too!!). the crispy feta had a sharp savoury flavour, and it came perched atop a lovely bed of hummus. with fluffy pita bread to seal the deal, this was a dish to-die-for. 
now, i’d come here not wanting to eat eggs benedict initially, because i’d been having consecutively for quite a few sundays (i’m a big fan). but when i saw the description “tender braised ox cheeks”, i just had to order it. *shrugs* i’m just greedy like that :p haha. and i was rewarded with this delicious goodness of Organic Eggs Benedict, which is no doubt more pricey than many other places at a whopping $24, but so absolutely worth it :D look at that flowy yolk!!! i have a thing for flowy yolks. in eggs benedict, in ramen, in custard buns (kinda). you name it, i love it ;) the chive hollandaise was an interesting twist on the sauce, and i liked how it lent an extra herb-y aroma to this dish. i sank my teeth into the incredibly tender ox cheeks that sat on artisanal sourdough toast and…my life is complete :) haha. you must order this too!!
the Common Man Full Veggie Breakfast ($24) in no way pales in comparison to the rest. despite the lack of meat, this is a suitably substantial dish that will satisfy you immensely. two free-range eggs in any style you like, halloumi, spinach (beautifully done, i was so amazed at how they made it so tasty!), mushrooms sauteed with garlic that were super fragrant, avocados and artisanal sourdough bread. 
the Common Man Full Breakfast ($26) is for any greedy soul who wants everything on the menu! or for someone who can’t make up their mind. basically it’s everything on the previous dish, with chorizo hash browns (i found this to be a very interesting update of the hashbrowns one might be accustomed to), pork canneillini beans (also very tasty with the various spices infused in it), crisp bacon and sausage.

so..i don’t drink coffee, but i felt their hot chocolate ($6) was very well done! with its full body and rich aroma, this is definitely one of the better chocolates i’ve had! (:

in conclusion, other than the prices that are slightly steeper than normal, this place is awesome for brunch!

Common Man Coffee Roasters
22 Martin Road
 Tel.: +65 6836 4695
Daily 8am-7pm


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