My favourite place :))

hi!!! my presentations are all overrr :D so happy! i’ve been waiting for this day for the entire semester x.x this is one sem that i absolutely can’t wait for to be over, and i’m seeing the end, finally! counting down to all the mini-milestones to keep myself sane, and i’m gonna have a yummy lunch after class to celebrate later ^^ and i’m super stoked to be blogging about my stay at MBS! (: i guess if you’ve been reading for awhile, you’d have known that the marina bay area is my absolute favourite place in sg ^^ my happy place~ i just love the openness of the place :’) one of the rate places in singapore where you can get wide open spaces. it’s been one of my dreams to be able to stay at MBS since it opened, and i’m really glad that i had the opportunity to have a staycation here. it was everything that i imagined, and more (:
 this was the gorgeous view from our hotel room on the 19th floor (if i rmb correctly) and it was absolutely breathtaking! waking up to this view was such an amazing experience! you can see the entire gardens by the bay and the kallang reservoir and the expanse of space is just W.O.W.
the night view is pretty darn gorgeous too ^^ especially with those lighted supertrees. i love how they stood out against the skyline (: definitely one of the most unique sights you can get! 
our spacious room with huge double beds, and spot that recliner at the side next to the balcony door! the most comfortable chair EVER. i kid you not. the moment i sat in it, i didn’t want to get up! :p haha. lounged on it while enjoying my self-prepared breakfast and enjoyed the beautiful view outside. that was the life ;) haha. perfect way to spend one day out of my mid-term week hehe.
and MBS has the biggest and most pretty toilet ever!! i thought the one at The Sentosa was really nice already, but this just takes bathrooms to a whole new level. look at that bathtub!! wished i had more time to soak in a bubble bath (with some rose petals and champagne maybe? :p) but i didn’t. haha having it there was good enough already though ;)
aaaaand of course, the star attraction :D the infinity pool! this is undeniably my favourite spot in the hotel, hence the mini photo spam :p i came here twice, first at night and also the next morning (haha my shoulders were aching like crazy after the two swims within 12 hrs). everytime i’m up there, im just lost for words :’) the skyline of the CBD is just SO AMAZING.
photo evidence :’)
wish i had a wide-angled lens to capture the full view. this photo does not do it justice at all! i loved how the pool was so huge, that even though it was pretty crowded (boo :/) but there was still sufficient space for me to swim. and boy, the pool is really big! haha it was a great exercise. and i could spend forever admiring this view :) so spectacular!!! i honestly think singapore has one of the most magnificent skylines ever. so far the only one which i think can beat this is new york’s skyline.
if your room is on the opposite side of the hotel, this is the view you get! (: while mine faced the back, so i had a view of the gardens :) both equally impressive, i think it’s pretty impossible to choose between them! the gym here looks awesome as well, though i didn’t get to try it because i didn’t have my sports shoes :( but just imagine running on a treadmill (once again) with the gorgeous skyline. i’m pretty sure that would keep you motivated throughout your run ;) 
so yup, that was all for my stay! absolutely LOVED IT. and i also had another staycation at The Sentosa recently! haha for the record, i don’t make a habit of this :P these two stays were just by a chance of luck ^^ 

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